Ark server status discord bot

Ark server status discord bot

GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If priorità 1 happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Before requesting support from our Discord, please understand that ArkBot is designed in its current form to be run on the machine hosting your gameservers.

We will offer no support if you choose to go this route. We are actively developing this tool again! We have assembled a team with past and new members. Users can follow development progress here or get updates on Discord link found above. It requires. NET 3. NET 4. Please note: If you are running a windows server install, you must install the.

Other platforms may not work. Try it at your own risk. First time? Check out Installation. If you think something is wrong with the project - help improve it. If you find a bug - help fix it. Don't know how to program? Start learning. This is the way of open source! It aims to provide important functions to players: dino listings, food-status, breeding info, statistics; and server admins: rcon-commands, server managing etc. It does not enable cheating or making available data that have a considerable impact on how the game is played.

NET based on Qowyns work on ark-tools. Skip to content.Servers Reviews. Home Public Discord Servers Discord servers tagged with ark. Discord Servers ark Discord servers tagged with ark. Tags similar to ark ark-survival-evolved genesis 23 survival rust pc small-tribes 7 gta call-of-duty server csgo minecraft pubg Member Count. Bumped recently Member Count.

Showing - of servers. All Games 5. Get link Mute this server Report this server. We have our own Ark Survival Evolved server and we will be making consistent videos on it. We would also like to include as much as the community in our videos as possible, so if you want to help us, get in here!

Join this Server. P Free. Community 6. P mais il sont gratuit. P Bonne continuation. RPG Games 7. All Games 3. New awesome Ark Survival Evolved server! Come and join have fun with people all around the world! We have Friendly admins and owner! Server name - "ArkGzLand" We keep server clean from destroyed buildings so you have space where to build your base and become NextAlpha on server!

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ark server status discord bot

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ark server status discord bot

Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter strikepredator Start date May 28, Messages 3 Likes 0 Points 1 Website arcticelements. Dear Plugin Developers, I and probably many others would like to see a plugin that could relay the Ark Server chat to Discord and vice versa using a Discord Bot.

It would also be cool if it could relay some commands so that they could be triggered in a specific channel only for admins on Discord. I really hope to see this being developed by someone, since Minecraft and Garry's mod already have these plugins and it would be nice to see Ark having it too. Kind Regards, Strikepredator. Foppa Moderator Staff member. May 28, Messages Likes 89 Points 28 Website foppasgaming. Foppa said:. Messages 34 Likes 5 Points 8.Im trying to make this for my friend's server but they said they don't feel comfortable giving the ip.

If you have an address for the server, you can resolve it to get the IP. I tried it and it always says the server is offline when it is on and it is not showing any correct data. Have you tried just using the address in the script? The parameter may be called IP but an address should work. The API caches results for five minutes at a time, so you may have to give it some time to refresh.

I'd like to help you with that, but I've never touched Python. It probably wouldn't be difficult since there is a Discord API library for Python, and the logical code is pretty simple.

Error: Cannot find module 'request' at Function. Thanks for replying so soon! Yep just got it working now, perfect for what I need, thanks so much. If you don't mind me asking, I'm wanting to start learning js for bots and functions like this, where do you suggest I start?

You're welcome. I don't have any suggestions other than to point you to the discord.

Guilded requires JavaScript

Hey can you help me how this works? I've put in the IP etc but I just dont know how to get started, can you please say what I should do to get it working on my discord server, thank you. This error originated either by throwing inside of an async function without a catch block, or by rejecting a promise which was not handled with.

ark server status discord bot

In the future, promise rejections that are not handled will terminate the Node. Peter - Sorry but helping you get a bot up and running is outside of the scope of what I'm prepared to do in the comments here.

You do not need a script on the MC server. You need to install Node. You also have to register a bot account on Discord's application page if you haven't already, to obtain a token to login with. Elmani - If Discord. Make sure you're using the token found under " Click to Reveal Token " and not the "client ID" or "client secret".

You type node yourscript.

Discord Server Chat & Command Relay

Replace "yourscript. You need to keep the terminal window open to keep the bot running.Skip navigation.

ARK How to get tribe log posted to Discord channel

Select a membership level. Overseer Premium. Becoming a premium patron gives you access to: Access to all beta, and future features of Overseer Premium as they are developed and released Notifications - Set up to 5 servers for Overseer to monitor for you, and notify you when they go below or above a player count of your desire.

A Premium Rank in the Support Server - giving you access to development insights and direct communication to voice your suggestions and any problems you may have Access to the Overseer Bot in as many servers as you please. Contact Dawnerino for the invite link. Show more. Thanks for visiting the Overseer Bot Patreon page. It allows users to easy retrieve information about the servers that are available. Why become a patreon?

Other than supporting Overseer, becoming a premium patreon can grant you access to many premium perks - such as access to notifications. Find more under Tier 2. I very much doubt this goal will be reached, however - at this goal development will continue for this Bot, I will keep it fully active and up to date, and will even have a little left money left over for myself which would be awesome for the time I've spent.

Become a patron to 1. Recent posts by Dawnerino. How it works. Add a payment method. Patreon logo. What is Patreon? Can I cancel my pledge any time? Learn More.An explanation how it works roughly you will find below. If you want to have it setup by me, let me know we can figure out a way with a one time fee. HaxBot is a servicing product which you will pay monthly, check this link to create an account and setup your Membership level:.

Subscriptions are based on PayPal, in order to have Steam-ID features you need to purchase at least one server. Many people are asking how its working, I try to explain as good as possible to give you an rough overview.

Below I will explain the entire Bot including all the features. HaxBot has multiple modules which were added time by time as required. It will give back the information of how many players are on the server and what players are currently connected.

The servers are stored in a background database and have their own internal Server-ID, which you will find also in multiple commands to specify. This feature does not only allow you to display data, it also allows you to add related data to a specific server, e.

Once added and you query the information again, it will display the data for you — this data will only be stored for your discord server. Tribe management: Moving from adding tribes to a server we can get straight into tribe management!

Once added a tribe to one more more servers you can then also show all servers of a specific tribe command! This will return a list of servers for this specific tribe and its current player numbers!

Perfect if you want to grief a specific tribe and you wanna know what servers has the lowest number. Adding tribes to a server will also take effect later in the steam-ID feature to auto-classify players.

But more to that in the auto-classify section. Timers: Timers were mainly build in to have a timer counting down to 0 especially for stuff to empty or hatch, e.

You can add a custom timer with a random name and your own command to reset it. Also you set your own time in minutes how long it runs or you can add mention to tag people if needed. With the timer-dashboard you can display all current timers setup. The Dashboard will refresh every 2 seconds and displays the current time remaining.

Once you type your keyword to reset the timer, the bot will react with a thumbs up to confirm it has been reset. Once reset you also see the timerdashboard will now count down the preset minutes until it hits 0. Once it hits 0, it will notify people in the timerdashboard channel, if and mention tag has been set during setup, this mention tag will be also used to notify these people. Whats the custom command?

The custom command is nothing else than the keyword you can type to re-activate the timer. Memberlog : Very simple feature to send a message in a specific channel of what people joined the discord and what people left it. KeepClear: The keepclear feature can be compared to a channel cleanup feature.

Just with the difference that you can specify how old the message has to be until it will be deleted. Usage with! Keepclear runs in a periodic schedule of every minute.

Note: If you have e. Serverstatus: The serverstatus will simply display the current server playernumber in a refreshing message. You can add a server status by using command! Sometimes players show up on servers for a longer time they are actually on it.

General architecture Generally all Steam-Ids are available on activated discord servers.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Thorium View Profile View Posts. Finally i got a public version of my tool out. It's a web alarm replacement that will post the whole tribe log instead of just a few events. Donations are not required, ATLR is completely free. But i appreciate any amount you want to give to the project.

Donate via PayPal [www. There is some stuff i still want to add, like a event based notification system, currently there is only a keyword based one. Let it run as a service and more.

It's for windows only. If you need it for Linux and can help me to get it running on Linux. Drop me a message. I can compile it for Linux, but i am not familiar with it. It reads the tribe files on the server, so you need to run it on the server, you can't use it with hosts like Nitrado.

If people are interested i can build in a RCON mode to make it work with hosted servers. However you would need to enable logging tribe logs to RCON. The file based system is simple, reliable and takes very little system resources.

ark server status discord bot

So i would recommend keep using it, if possible. The tool does not need admin privileges. It just needs read access to the tribe files you specify, to the ATLR.

Also it needs to connect to the Discord webhooks you specify. Just watch the video below: Since the video was been made a lot of features was been added.

I will write a complete documentation in the next few days. No Does it work on hosters like Nitrado? Currently no. I wanted to implement a RCON mode, but since it does not support Unicode no special characters and has a number of problems i am thinking about making it more suitable for hosters to integrate in their servers. There are some features still missing before i try to pitch it to some hosting companies.

Do you take feature requests?


You can also write directly to me on Discord. How is ATLR licensed? It is licensed under the MIT license. Can i monetize on ATLR as a paid feature on my server?

ATLR is licensed under the MIT license, which means you can do as you please with it, however i am not responsible for any problems it causes. Do you take donations? Yes, i accept donations via PayPal.

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