Bait tank fittings

Bait tank fittings

MPI Reinforced Vinyl Tubing - Per Foot This heavy duty, all clear vinyl tubing reinforced for hot or cold pressurized water systems and many other uses. Non-toxic, odorless, tasteless and FDA approved compound. Recommended for non-pressurized cool water uses such as fresh water, sink, shower, livewell and refrigerator drain lines.

Made from Marine Grade molded vinyl. Features double rings for positive seal. This kit includes professionally designed systems for aeration, directional flow, overflow drain and complete drain accessories. Just plumb your tank Using an overflow tube means you only need one hole in the livewell and one fitting to serve as both the overflow T-H Marine is the ORIGINAL source of stainless aerator screens These screw-on stainless steel wire mesh strainers are designed to provide effective, dependable protection against trash or fish scales which could clog drains in bait wells or pump Waterproof Super bright L.

bait tank fittings

Can nulled bot of legends used above or below water level with engageny math grade 6 module 1 wall Hose I. This valve creates an energized environment that helps keep your bait alive. The full port fittings assure the amount of flow required is Using an overflow tube means you only need one hole in the livewell and one fitting to serve as both the overflow and This mini light is great for livewells, but also works as an accent or courtesy light.

Installation is quick and easy, just drill a hole and Rule Oxygenator Spray Head Rule's Oxygenator Spray head sprays streams of water back into the livewell tank enriching the water with oxygen. Adjustable spray head allows you to increase or decrease flow of water.

Livewells are essential pieces of boating equipment keeping bait, your live catch, even provisions, in optimal condition. Livewell hoses and fittings are key to maintaining temperature, so it is important to make certain these are functioning properly voyage after voyage. Aerators are key to keeping bait fresh and your catch alive.

It is easy to install and includes the thru-hull plug, drain tube, and aerator heads. Spray heads can also wear out more quickly than other livewell components. Wholesale Marine also offers a variety of replacement tubing options including reinforcedclear vinyland non-toxicwhich are sold by the foot. Wholesale Marine offers a comprehensive selection of boat parts including livewell hoses ready to ship out!

Once you become a Wholesale Marine customer, our selection, expertise and customer service will make you a customer for life! When you require any item to keep your boat well-maintained, give us a call. For same day, flat-rate shipping and our low price guarantee, call us at A quality bait tank is key for west coast anglers. Most factory tanks are not designed to take care of our smaller, more fragile baits like sardies and anchovies.

For this reason nearly all serious west coast anglers install a custom bait system. The first step in any install, is to mock up the layout and make sure everything is where it should be. For this application we are snugging the tank up underneath the leaning post. After a quick check of clearances, make a couple sharpie lines tracing the front and back edges of the tank. Most tanks have the intake and drain lines on the same side. I like to run the hoses through the deck under the opposite side of the tank, giving me some room to work.

For this size tank, I chose a 2. Make sure you have enough clearance under the deck to pull the hoses and cut your hole without damaging the fuel tank or lines below. After the hole is cut, use some 5 minute epoxy to seal up the edges of your new hole to prevent water intrusion. While the epoxy cures, go ahead and install your mounts. To mount the tank you can use either fiberglass angle stock or starboard The boys at Big Salt included some starboard mounts with the tank.

Make sure to fill the screw holes with 3M before installing. Now test fit the tank on top of the mounts, it should be nice and snug.

Once the epoxy cures, you are ready to run your plumbing. Make sure to use quality hose from West Marine and leave yourself several feet of slack. If you tank has a light, you will also want to run some 14 AWG duplex wire for the light. I like to put a little on the tank nipples before sliding the hoses on. Make sure to use TWO stainless hose clamps on each connection. Connect the light wiring now and cover the connections with marine grade heat shrink tubing.

Predrill holes in the base of the tank for the mounting screws making sure they line up with the mounting blocks in the deck. Fill the holes with caulk and slowly drive the mounting screws through the tank and into the blocks.

The next step will be to caulk the tank to the deck. You will first prep the joint area by wiping it several times with acetone and a clean rag.

With the masking tape in place, you can lay your bead of caulk down. Slowly and evenly apply your bead of caulk around the tank. Once the bead is complete, get a cup of water, wet your finger be sure to keep it wet and gently smooth the bead all the way around the tank.BoxTarpon Springs, FL Fax Bilge Pumps.

Aerator Pumps. Livewell Pumps. Bait Tanks. Pure Oxygen Systems. Marine Accessories. Places To Purchase. Technical Manual. Conversion Kits. Standard Size Spare filters for all portable aerators. Two per pack. Large foam filters. Will last many hours before rinsing. Recommend that the companion KA filter be used with the KA Large Tank Filter. Fits around Hold Down Plate in all tanks.

Stainless Steel Mesh Strainer. Can also be used with all transom mounted livewell pumps. Screws included. Screw pilot holes in thru-hull. Made of black nylon. Not for use below water line of hull. Provides a circular water flow in bait wells. Not shown. Click to enlarge.T-H Marine. This kit contains everything needed to rig a baitwell or tank. This kit includes professionally designed systems for aeration, directional flow, overflow drain and complete drain accessories.

Just plumb your tank according to the detailed installation instructions. Constructed with heavy-duty Polyethylene roto molded plastic.

Key Features: Constructed of one piece, As its name suggests, Moeller White Livewells Constructed of one piece, seamless, heavy-duty polyethylene roto molded plastic in six convenient, efficient sizes.

Using an overflow tube means you only need one hole in the Johnson Pump Basspirator Livewell Aerator Kit Johnson Pump Basspirator Livewell Aerator kit is designed for serious fisherman that need to keep the water fresh in their live or baitwells.

The Polypropylene is Shurflo Bait Sentry Livewell Pump 12V The sportsfishing livewell application requires an extremely rugged pump to withstand the harsh marine environment. Oops, something went wrong. Please try again. Availability: In Stock - Ships Today. Current Stock: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. Quick view. Moeller White Oval Livewell. Attwood Tsunami Aerator Pump. Moeller White Livewells.

Bait Tank Fittings

List Price:. Shurflo Bait Sentry Livewell Pump. Email Address:. Register Forgot your password?Live bait fishing has been the mainstay of saltwater fishermen from Santa Barbara to Baja California for more than 60 years, but only recently have these techniques started to catch on in Northern California, Oregon and Washington. Whether it's anchovies, sardines, herring, shiners, mackerel or squid, game fish find the live stuff hard to resist.

And the efficacy of live bait applies equally to freshwater fishing, where shiners, minnows, threadfin shad and similar baits are deadly on crappies, stripers, largemouth and smallmouth bass. And when Puget Sound Chinook fishing is good in the winter, deploying live winter herring is viewed as a progressive technique used by the better fishermen. Also, in areas like Port Townsend that have a good summer population of candlefish, live baiting summer salmon is catching on. But whether you're talking saltwater or freshwater fishing, there are two main problems encountered with live bait: 1 catching or "making" the bait - assuming it's not available from a commercial bait operation - and 2keeping it alive.

While Problem No. Many late-model fishing boats are equipped with factory livewells; other boaters use five-gallon buckets or coolers to keep bait fish alive.

Bait Tank - Igloo Ice Cube Cooler

Unfortunately, the water in coolers and buckets must be changed frequently, or impurities, secretions and oxygen depletion will degrade water quality to the point that the bait dies. Moreover, there are species such as anchovies that won't live for five minutes without a constant source of "fresh" water. The answer is to install your own bait tank. It's easier than you think, and even though installation will take some time and planning, the results are worth the effort.

bait tank fittings

To get some pointers on live bait systems, I talked to Mark Wisch of Pacific Edge, a Huntington Beach, California, firm that specializes in marine bait systems; Wisch manufactures and installs fiberglass and plastic bait tanks, and he designs his systems with anchovies in mind. At this point, it's important to understand that a live bait tank differs from a "closed" livewell system in that the former involves a continuous flow of "raw" water from ocean or lake, while the latter simply recirculates existing water.

Many skippers think their bait tank has to have a tangible "current" or the bait will die from lack of oxygen. The best rule of thumb to gauge water flow is fill time. Starting with an empty tank, one scoop gallon and two scoop gallon tanks should fill in six to eight minutes, while three-scoop gallon systems should fill in eight to 12 minutes. One of the keys to minimizing bait exhaustion is to avoid the "Jacuzzi effect" by introducing water above the tank's waterline.

Finally, don't beat up your bait by going too fast. Even moderate boat speeds across a short wind chop can quickly bruise the bait to the point that picky game fish will ignore your red-nosed or scale less offerings.

And speaking of rough conditions, be sure to mount the tank securely, and in a location that does not compromise boat handling or seaworthiness. Whether you choose a plastic or fiberglass tank, a round, "trash-can style;' or transom-mounted "diaper bag" bait tank, the two most critical installation factors are the location of the water pickup and the type of pump you select.

Through-hull intakes are the best, and the optimum location is in the center of the boat about three feet forward of the transom.

T-H Marine Bait Tank Plumbing Kit

According to Wisch, "Outboards are normally plumbed just forward of the motor well; trouble is, many boats have fuel tanks in this spot, and if you go too far forward you could have problems drawing water when the the boat is under way.

In this case, you may have to use a transom-mount pickup. And with aluminum boats, transom pickups often are the only way to because of access problems or lack of an actual bilge to accommodate a through-hull. Transom pickups should be securely fastened, and positioned so that prop and hull turbulence doesn't create problems with air locks.

In fact, take care not to position any pickup behind hull irregularities or lifting strakes that may cause turbulence. With tin boats, use a reinforced, non-corrosive fitting to avoid electrolysis problems. And, by all means, screen your pickups. To determine the proper bait pump, consult a professional.Johnson MayFair Cartrige Pumps. Fills your livewell with clean, oxygenated water to keep your catch healthy. The internal anti-airlock fins ensure even flow of water to your livewell.

The cartridge is easy to remove for cleaning or replacement. Pump is fully submersible and utilizes tin-coated, gauge wire for safety. Designed to supply the volume of water required to keep bait and catch alive and healthy, all pumps feature Rule's incredibly long life motors for outstanding reliability, performance and durability. They are silent running and vibrationless, a must on any serious fisherman's boat. All pumps feature advanced anti-airlock protection. More power!

Three high-efficiency aerator pumps that move water at capacities of gph, gph and gph. With their innovative engineering and compact design, Tsunami pumps deliver high output from a small package. These thru-hulls are made with a durable, thermoplastic construction which prevents electrolysis.

Flow-Rite Marine

Accommodates 1" bailer plug. If draining through the side wall these thru-hulls are a must have. Adjustable Aerator Spray Head. Use on livewells that have built-in overflows or recirculating systems. Mounts on side of tank. Rotating head with O-ring adjusts and maintains flow setting.

Removable head. Polypropylene construction.We ship Worldwide! Contact us for a shipping quote. The venturi system draws fresh air from outside the livewell and injects tiny air bubbles into the water flowing into the livewell. With the aerated water entering the well at a lower level than with traditional spray heads, the entire well is more thoroughly aerated. The reduced restriction of this fitting allows more water to flow from the pump than traditional spray heads.

The faceplate inlet can be mounted anywhere above the waterline exposed or concealed.

Installing a Fiberglass Bait Tank

Made from formed stainless steel wire mesh cloth and then molded into a PVC base with internal threads this unit is non-corrosive, functional and looks extremely good installed on any boat. AS Used on any aerator pump intake. Simply screws onto threaded pump intake in livewell or on exterior of boat. Screws onto thru-hull fitting. It fits snugly but is easily removed for cleaning.

This kit includes professionally designed systems for aeration, directional flow, overflow drain and complete drain accessories.

Just plumb your tank according to the detailed installation instructions. T-H Marine pioneered the use of the overflow drain tube for boat livewells. The original overflow drain tubes are still the best in the industry.

bait tank fittings

Our tubes provide a very functional way to plumb a livewell. Using our overflow tubes means you only need one hole in the livewell and one fitting to serve as both the overflow and the drain. Instead of reaching into the water and getting wet to pull a drain plug, you simply pull the tube out from the top and draining begins. To use simply insert vinyl end into the opening of thru-hull fitting. To drain livewell or baitwell, simply remove. This unique drain tube seals much better than any other overflow on the market and removal is much easier.

This means of securing the tube assures that the tube will not come out of the fitting in even the roughest conditions. To drain, simply unscrew the tube until the drain holes in the threaded fitting are exposed. A neoprene gasket provides a water tight seal. The fully curved and perforated surface allows more efficient flow than other molded filters. The filter top simply turns and locks tight onto the base that fits underneath the thru-hull flange.

The two-piece design allows for easy cleaning and simple installation with no fasteners. Filter mounts onto aerator pump snout or thru-hull fitting.

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