Borderlands 2 laggy

Borderlands 2 laggy

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Borderlands 2 Store Page. Global Achievements. Proto View Profile View Posts. My borderlands is having such a bad time. I have tried every setting, fps doesn't change from low to high. Please help. And thank you in advance. Last edited by Proto ; 6 Dec, am. Showing 1 - 15 of 31 comments. Try the fix listed here it worked for my m. Originally posted by darkleoco :. When I first installed the game, I was having terrible performance problems.

Orange View Profile View Posts. With a you should have good fps performance. Most important first. Nvidia is putting a lot of effort on BL2 drivers, so many changes there in every version. Be sure to have the latest Beta installed So to your CPU, the Bulldozer. Right after it's launch, a huge amount of ppl raged about it's slow loading, and terrible ingame performance.

Some motherboards wasn't too happy about the 8 cores. It needed a Bios update. After a bios update, all cool. Im a bit scared to do a bios update but i have thought about it, just not totally sure how. I did flash my bios it's now the newest version. The game works like a charm. Thank you all for your help. The solution was to update Bios. It lags even when i put it in window mode and on x res.

Also im scared to update my bios cause its really risky. You have a laptop with onboard graphics card.In Borderlands 2, in the handsome collection, I experience severe lag. Lots of people are having the same issues myself included they have already acknowledged the issue and a patch is on the way.

Knowing Gearbox though it will probably come in a month. The xbox one version has a lot more issues then the ps4 version, on my ps4 bl2 runs 60 fps 90 percent of the time it only drops when things get way too crazy, but for the pre sequel its way worse because that just a crap game made by a different developer in Australia the fps drops alot more and is almost un playable in co op because the servers are so bad, i dont know if the xbox version is at p but if it is it might cause the fps drops for youthe xbox one has hardware limits and its hard for devs to make games run p 60fps on it.

Thats weird on xbox one TPS runs just fine for me but with screen tearing but borderlands 2 has really bad fps drop and broken matchmaking. Get your fanboy antics out of here. Not being a fanboy im just stating facts devs are having a harder time this generation with the xbox as opposed to last generation, it is what it is there is no helping it. It is slightly more powerful is it? Says the guy running the system that consistently runs no better than a PS3.

The Xbox one is nothing more than a glorified PS3 and you know it that is why you are so quick to snap at him. If you were to look at the game comparisons you would see Xbox has never done better than PS4 and consistently runs worse by large margins graphically. Ironically those high end games that seem to be at parity with PS4 are those forced to do so by Microsoft extortion and bribery.

Watch Dogs being dumbed down on PS4 and Unity are 2 perfect examples. A glorified PS3? Like changing channel is hard? Even directX 12 did nothing to improve the system according to developers. Leave hardware to Sony as they are the experts and software to Microsoft. Sony is the expert at hardware so expecting Xbox to be better without underhanded tactics from Microsoft is very unlikely.

Mikelombardo, I apologize on behalf of those who completely derailed your thread with unessesary platform warrioring. It kind of suck that there are issues at all I guess this is the MCC 2. Get your name-calling antics out of here.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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borderlands 2 laggy

Hi, i just installed bl2, i had it on ps3 but just wanted to do an adventure with some friends on pc. The loading screens doesnt lag, but the game does. I lag everywhere, in everymap, and even in the main menu.

I don't know why since with my cg and all i could normally play the game in max graphics. I've tried a lot of things already, such as putting nvidia physx to low, changing my settings multiple times, but it just did not work overall. If someone could help me i'd appreciate it. Showing 1 - 15 of 32 comments. Diogenes49 View Profile View Posts.

If you take the time to research this on the internet, it's a known fact that some systems specially state of the art ones can have serious trouble with the game. It's badly optimized and hasn't been updated in years so no new fixes for "too modern" hardware Not much you can do about it, except maybe if you use Windows 10?

Bottom line: With a bit of luck, you can fix up these issues to some extent again, use googlebut in case you can't, you might just be unlucky that your system and this specific game don't work well together. Last edited by x SiriuS x ; 10 Jun, pm. Thanks for your fast response, well, i've tried a lot of things already, way 2 much, but still doesnt work. Guess we can't do anything about it. And, btw, no, i'm just using windows 7.

I'll continue searching, just in case. Bringoutyerded View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by DragoneNova :. I do have nvidia geforce experience installed, and i already tried to optimize the settings for bl, but it just put every settings on high, and it did not solve my problem, unfortunately. Originally posted by alorathine :. Ricardo View Profile View Posts. Last edited by Ricardo ; 10 Jun, pm.

borderlands 2 laggy

Lag is unholy at that point, so if that's your issue being physX set above normal then reset physX to normal or off.

The whole NVidia "experience" thing has nothing to do with it. Last edited by SoundDriver ; 10 Jun, pm. Originally posted by SoundDriver :. Originally posted by Bringoutyerded :. Charmander View Profile View Posts. I can't disable Physx, it can only go from high to low, i've tried to delete every single ''physx'' files in borderland's game files. I've also uninstalled phsyx software from my computer, but the lag's still there, so i've installed it again.

Oh, and btw i did not understand what Ricardo said about. Thanks for your responses! Oh, and about the resolution thing, i've already tried to lower it, from x to the lowest resolution possible. Did not work.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Borderlands 2 Store Page. Global Achievements.

For those getting the very mechanical stutter on the menu that looks like intermittent lag. I was having the same issues. Tried swapping drivers, tried control panel fixes. Tried reinstalls. Changing settings. Nothing was fixing the stuttering. Then I remembered Darksiders 2 having a similar issue when connecting to the THQ news feed, so thought So I completely disconnected from the internet, and low and behold, Borderlands 2 ran flawlessly. Tethered back onto my droid, the stuttering came back.

Ended up using waifu's USB adapter instead, and the stutter is gone. I'm not sure what was going on between my phone tether and PC that made BL2 derp, other games run fine onlinebut maybe if enough people play with this option, we can narrow it down. Also, I had Firewall completely disabled and still had the issue. Showing 1 - 15 of 18 comments. I had a similar problem where the game would hang on the splash screen after hitting playdisabling my network card let me in, but somehow some Steam files got confused and my characters got deleted.

Good times. Confirmed as a "fix". Setting Steam in offline mode, disabling the firewall, and disconnecting from the network if wireless did not work. Hoping there will be an ACTUAL fix to this though since I would really like to play online and I would prefer to keep my old wireless adapter since it's fine for everything else, if getting a new one would resolve this issue for me.

Fix option 3, play on a stable fast network This doesn't fix any issues for me.

It's only a fix if you have high ping. NOT a fix for performance lag. Biidi View Profile View Posts. I was having some FPS issues as well and started fiddling with video settings.

The one that seemed to do the most for me was view distance. Didn't matter how I changed it, just that I changed it.

Framerate went from 11 to 78 changing view distance from low to high. Problem is that this isn't a permanant fix as my framerate took a dive again a few minutes later. Changed view distance again and framerate was back up.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Borderlands 2 Store Page. Global Achievements. Speider View Profile View Posts.

When I play with my friend on co-op, I always lag, and this isn't just happening to me. Another friend of us joined too, and he lagged as much as I did. This is when my friend is hosting, and the same thing happens to him when I host. Why is this problem only happening on borderlands 2? Is there someone out there that knows how to fix my problem?

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 comments. Im just wondering if the host reduced graphics, so reducing the load on their machine, if it would make any difference. The people I play co-op with live local to me, we all use the same ISP and can ping each other in under 5ms.

It doesnt matter who hosts all 3 other players lag seconds making it unenjoyable to say the least.

Borderlands 2 FPS drop FIXED!!!! (How to)

Soulcleaver View Profile View Posts. It is something with either BL2 or Steam. Network issue along the line i imagine. You cant compare BF3 to BL2, 1 uses dedicated servers one doesnt. Only thing i can think of is try verifying the game cache. If one of your systems is lacking that can cause issues as well, i.

How To Fix Lag In Borderlands 2

One of the people i play with had an issue like that. Forgivengeance View Profile View Posts. I verified the cache 3 times already. Snowflake View Profile View Posts.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language.

Install Steam. Store Page. Borderlands 2 Store Page. Global Achievements. Rawrshuga View Profile View Posts. Borderlands has got to be one of the more interesting FPS games around out there. Personally I love the art-style, the cinematics, the music, the humour, and the bazillions of guns Latency issues have plagued my coop game sessions with lag ranging from an annoying ms to an unplayable ms, which is a serious issue in what IMO is primarily a coop game.

The issues behind this lie with the Unreal Engine and its lack of lag compensation. Unreal used to handle multiplayer over servers, where this wasn't so much of an issue, but Borderlands uses peer-to-peer gameplay which the Unreal Engine seems to be poorly setup to handle.

Hand shaking through Steam does not appear to be ideal as well given that even playing with friends nearby we have latency issues that are so bad. My friends and I set out attempting to solve these issues in various ways and after investigating the Unreal engine decided that the best option was to play it via LAN. This is actually not as difficult as it sounds, and we managed to get one up and running within an hour.

No mucking about with the game's. The result? Near lagless gameplay with latency of about 5ms for everyone. There are still occasional incidences of rubber-banding but it is rare, most importantly however, input response is always spot on.

Following the tutorial did not work for us perfectly and we had to source around for other information to tackle the connection issues. I'll lay out 2 of the main issues here: - 1 If automatic IP assignment doesn't work for you and it probably won't set it to assign an IP within a range. So please make sure the host has the highest bandwidth and a data plan that won't lead to financial ruin.

I hope this information will prove useful for those with latency issues in coop gameplay, and I wish all of you good gaming. Showing 1 - 10 of 10 comments. Hey, so two of my friends and I have been having these lag related issues playing online since we got the game.

Long story short we've tried a whole bunch of things to fix this. I stumbled over this today and thought we should give it a go. We've set up the Windows VPN which appears to be working it says we're connected and we may ping each other.

borderlands 2 laggy

However when starting Borderlands and setting the network option to LAN we are unable to find any games or see each other in the lobby, is this also the case for you? When using direct connection by adding the hosts IP address to the Borderlands launch options we get to the loading screen where we stay for awhile whereafter we're disconnected and told that we have differing versions. Might you have any suggestions or are there other things that you did to get it working than you have listed?

We all have the following DLC installed: Mr. So we connected in the usual Online Friends way. The handshaking will still occur over Steam, but since your connection is over the VPN I mentioned that the VPN host becomes the internet provider you will connect directly through the VPN host's network.

Technically it's still an Online game, but you should have LAN-like latency, since you're no longer connecting through different networks. As I've also mentioned, we didn't bother going to the extent of making an actual LAN game via the VPN because there are a ton of things you have to do to get that working properly, and we just couldn't be stuffed, especially since it already worked great as Online.

Hope this clarification works! Note: - I've noticed that this latency problem doesn't seem occur on Public games. You might want to try connecting that way too without the VPNthough you face the risk of uncooperative randoms jumping in.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Borderlands 2 Store Page. Global Achievements. Meongg View Profile View Posts. Lets just go straight to it, heres my spec : Processor : intel iU RAM : 4 GB nVidia Geforce M 6 GB well when i bought it, it says 4 GB in the box, but on dxdiag it says 6 im running Windows 10 I already put everything on either off or medium, but it sometimes still lags even when its charging.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 comments. You say you set most things to medium or off - Did you do so for PhysX? Medium or Low off setting is recommended, in case you didn't already. Other than that, there may be something in your video system settings that Bordeerlands 2 doesn't like for some reason.

See if there are any "forced" settings that may override the game's options like antialiasing etc. Sorry, can't do more in a hurry. Edit: Also the thing with your gfx card may be 4 GB on-card and 2 system shared memory. Just as a heads up. Your card should still be way overpowered for the game, so I'm sure it's not the problem. Last edited by x SiriuS x ; 26 Jan, am. Well i read on articles they say if im running nvidia cards, running PhysX wont be an issue and how do i check these "forced" settings?

And yes, you shouldn't have problems with PhysX, but I'm pretty sure you have. Lots and lots of people have, even with ridiculously overpowered rigs For Borderlands 2. Just set it to medium then for starters, and see if that improves things.

Chances are you don't need to fiddle with those system settings then. Hope this helps a bit. Framerate may still suck balls when PhysX is to set to high in the game though. Okay so I've changed the setting on the PhysX config. I've put everythin on global setting. Fatty View Profile View Posts.

During multiplayer games, If i'm connected to a host that's a very far distance from my location, lag will alomst always kick in sooner or later.

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