How to get 3gb for 200 on mtn

How to get 3gb for 200 on mtn

MTN Contracts allows you the convenience of constant connectively whilst controlling your spend by setting a Spend limit. The perfect contract plan that allows you to design to match your specific needs. If you prefer talking with friends instead of messaging, simply add more minutes and get talking.

If you love streaming your favourite movies and music, then add a Booster Bundle that suits you best. It's the ideal package, and that easy to make it work for you. Now you can get double your data, more calls than ever before, and more plans to choose from. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

Get MTN 5gb Data For 50 Naira only - November 2018

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You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page. Turn on more accessible mode. Turn off more accessible mode. Skip Ribbon Commands. Skip to main content. What is Made For Home? First check if your home is in a coverage area by click here If your home is in a coverage area, the next step is to visit the MTN store to continue with the process If your home is not in a coverage area, MTN has a wide range of data products that you can sign-up for.

All rights reserved. There are different types of cookies. Here are two examples.Conference calling is one thing or conversation I enjoy most when having a chat with my friends via the phone. Conference call or joined calls is interesting as long as the users you are taking to are interesting, believe me. Conference calls or join calls as it called by some phone models is the process whereby phone calls are inter-connected between three or more parties or users making a conference discussion via the phone.

Alright, try picking your mobile phone and try to call your own phone number the sim on that same phone the response you get is NUMBER BUSY or something relating to that depending on your phone model. Now, when it comes to conference calls based on my own speculation, the Nigerian network that allows this function or service is MTN. Depending on who is going to be the host, it could be you or the other user.

Now, you might want to ask. A host in a call is the person that makes the calls i. Do you get it? NOTE: The number you are calling must be on the same network or must support the conference call service. Now, when talking to the second number, the first person is still on hold so to initiate the conference calls thereby making you make a conversation with the both of them at same time. Now you can enjoy your discussions with the other two users plus you making three users on the same line.

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MTN Nigeria Data Plans 2020: Prices & Subscription Codes

Notify me of new posts by email. Who is a host? Common 2go Problems and Their Solutions. You may also like. View all posts.MTN is the largest telecoms network in Nigeria and has one of the best internet quality of service nationwide as well as affordable data plans. MTN has data plans for everyone, whether you need data for just a day or you need many gigabytes.

In considering which MTN data plan to buy, you need to determine what you want to use the data for, how much data it will consume, how long you want to use it for and how much you are willing to spend. MTN has daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly data plans just like other networks in Nigeria. This article contains the list of the latest MTN data plans in Nigeria in and how to subscribe for them. MTN has just nine data plans currently making it quite easy to choose from, their weekend and night browsing plans have been stopped for now.

This is the lowest and cheapest MTN data plan, it offers 75 Megabytes of data for Naira only, it has a 24 hour validity period and the code to subscribe is by texting to MTN offers another daily data plan worth Naira for MB, it is only valid for 2 days from the time of purchase, to subscribe simply load Naira MTN airtime and text to This plan is useful if you are a light data user and need it to last longer than a day. The MTN Naira data bundle is probably the most popular; it offers 1.

You can subscribe to the MTN Naira data plan by texting to MTN Naira data bundle offers 4. To subscribe for MTN Naira data plan, text to MTN offers 10GB of data for Naira for heavy data users, it is valid for 30 days, 24 hours daily. With the 40GB MTN data plan, you can easily create a hotspot which family and friends can connect to for easy browsing at a reduced price.

how to get 3gb for 200 on mtn

This plan is for heavy users such as a large family or a small to medium sized company. In the past, MTN used to have separate data plans for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and other devices but currently, all MTN data plans have been merged into one group therefore any data plan will work for any device except older blackberry handsets.

Use any of the data codes above for your iPhone, Android or other smartphones and it will work perfectly fine. Note that if you are using a dual SIM Android phone, you will have to check your SIM settings in the Settings menu to make sure that MTN is set as the preferred network for browsing because only one network can be set to browse at a time.

Also note that it is better to buy a more expensive data plan with more data allowance that will last longer than to buy a cheaper data bundle that will cost you more over the same period because you buy it multiple times.

After buying your MTN data, it is best you do the following to reduce data consumption on your device. To browse with MTN, you need a phone with internet connectivity, a modem or router to use with a personal computer or tablet. You can also buy a MTN 3. Yes, you can, each one will have a unique expiry date and your data balance will be the sum of both plans, the one with the nearest expiry date will be used up first.

Yes, you can roll over all unused data bundles so far you buy another bundle before the current one expires, unused bonus data, however, cannot be rolled over. You can also find data codes for AirtelGlo and Etisalat. I am not satisfied with your services. Because I am not a witchcraft that will subscribe with for 1. Please you people should upgrade… Even Glo understand the problems in Nigeria. No job, no money and yet. Expensive data. Please you people should help the poor masses in Nigeria.

Even at the fact of the expensive data, when someone subscribes it finishes way faster than the person using it. Even at the fact of the expensive data,you people should try and make 1gb available at naira for a day because not everyone who loves data can afford higher amount of money Thank you. In a situation when one subscribe with N3, and you have balance in your data, is it compulsory you buy same amount or any amount for the rollover?

U ppl should upgrade oo. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Sign in.One method to help achieve this plan is through the introduction of the MTN Night internet packages. MTN introduced the Night plan with some mouth-watering offers. The data package has a Validity period of 30 Days, which is the same for all bundles in this package.

how to get 3gb for 200 on mtn

This means that you must exhaust the 1GB given to you within the 30 days, If you were unable to finish this data within 30 days, it expires.

However, if you exhaust the 1GB before the 30 days, you can still subscribe again. The 1GB for Naira is a Night plan that works for 30 days per subscription. However, since it is a night plan, it only works from 9pm to 6am every day. Your email address will not be published.

How To Subscribe To MyMTN App 3GB For N1500 And Instabinge 1GB For N200

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9Mobile Data Plans and Bundles This is the official page of all Nigeria telecommunication data plans, which include mtn data plan, glo data plan, Airtel data plan and 9mobile data plan.

Validity Period The data package has a Validity period of 30 Days, which is the same for all bundles in this package. Abubakar shuaibu.

how to get 3gb for 200 on mtn

October 6, at pm. February 13, at am. Abdulazeez Aliyu. February 15, at am. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Majority of phone users in Nigeria today use smart phones and how can you enjoy a smart phone without internet access. According to an MTN Operator I spoke with, the offer is valid just for MTN customers who has not performed any rechargeable transaction on their Sim card for the past 30 days and above.

For those that are eligible for the MTN 4GB data offer, it is not yet certain if the data can be accumulated or rolled over. Remember, NCC recently mandated all network providers to make sure users are able to roll over data they are not able to exhaust to the next month.

Normally, MTN offer 1. Francis is a Social Entrepreneur. Love discussing new business trends and Marketing tips. A Startup consultant. Will help you grow your business online. The data plan is not working for me. Please help me check my line. Any possibility my sim can be converted so I enjoy the same as people already doing so.

Thank you. Wow nice article, thanks for sharing this good information. I will bookmark this website so that i will be reading some posts from time to time. Yes please, you can reach MTN direct.

Just dial and follow the option of speaking with a customer care agent. Please, Admin, I need a reply from you… I have been using it for over 3 months and it stopped working yesterday… How do I still work for it?

I have been using the mtn 4g for for sometime now but it suddenly stopped working, please what can I do?

Will the be taken from the For data or the for calls. And if it is from the ,when browsing will i be charged from the that is remaining or from the 1gb. It says am not eligible again. Hello Esther, maybe you should read the article again to find out who is eligible for the MTN data offer. Used it for a week or so but tried it this morning and I get you SIM is not eligible for this offer. I recharge every day on my mtn line but the offer is not working on my line pls can you help?

This is actually not a data cheat but from MTN. However, We will notify our subscribers once we find good data packages. Thanks for the info. Hello am on Mtn pulse i have not recharged over three months and when i cleared my balances and tried the code i was told that my line is not eligible for the offer.

Pls is ipulse different from Pulse? Is like mtn is mad Have been trying it few days ago but it is nt working Mtn can lie I will abandon their sim Rubbish network. The package offer for 1gb.MTN data plan is maybe the best in the country presently. While it is true they found themselves in a serious mess with the Government because of some mistakes on their part and some say this is affecting the pricing of their products, but the facts are MTN data plan is arguably unrivaled; check out the lastest plans bellow:.

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Work on Sim you have not use in the last 30 days, but the good news is it also work on some sim you have been actively using. Also mb for 1GB for Why a customer can exhaust his data plan below 30 days, after you have just said it is for a month long? Since even if a customer does not use his monthly data plan for a month any more, the data will expire.

The data plan for 1. Please stop misleading the public with these plans. They are not accurate. A N subscription will get 2. A couple of people have complained about these in previous comments, but you have still not edited the post. Do the right thing and edit these false information. Dear admin, thanks for this info.

However, when I tried to subscribe to the 1. MTN Data plans is actually the best as for now, because they have wild network coverage and if course, their network speed are amazing. Mtn are misbehaving because no one question them when you make a change in a company let the change affect all the system if 15g change to 1. Fucking country…. I have no pity for your no more!!!

Bonus data to be use now between 1am to 7am is not good enough. Reverse the decision Please or we run to other network. Admin, please Edit your monthly plan of 5gb for The discription does not match with the Heading.

Recently i subcribed for monthly plan of naira but i was only given 1. Are you aware of this development? Nice post, Mtn is seriously beating them likes of glo and airtel in terms of network speed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Funmilola Bolaji.Example: "width" edges optional A numeric array manually specifying edge boundary locations. If this parameter is present the corresponding field will be discretized according to those defined bins, and the remaining discretization parameters will be ignored.

Example: "width" category filterable, sortable, updatable One of the categories in the table of categories that help classify this resource according to the domain of application.

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The value of the F statistic, which is used to assess whether the expected values of a quantitative variable within several pre-defined groups differ from each other.

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