Jeep 258 motorcraft 2150

Jeep 258 motorcraft 2150

New Posts. Your donations help keep this valuable resource free and growing. Thank you. Members Profile. Post Reply. Search for "Autolite on Jeep ". You will find many articles and comments. The Jeep guys have been doing this for years with good results. Don't use on of the larger ones -- the 1. You can also use a Motorcraftbut they were only made in 1.

There are 8 different sizes of the This chart only lists V-8 applications. The 1. Autolite Sizes and Applications. I think I found the carb adapter at my local speed shop, trans dapt It is ordered and will be in wed. I've had s on lots different v-8s over the years, In my experience they are great carbs, and yes I,m a jeep guy also and the jeep forums Have lots of good to say about the I use the and really like it. You can make the Mr. Gasket adapter seal with a little Right Stuff to cover the carb.

jeep 258 motorcraft 2150

The BBD has 2 little "fang" looking tubes that point down in the venturies.Forum Rules. Now through Dec 31st, Average costs? Funny picture thread! Reader Rides. Thread: Motorcraft Carburetor for 4. Motorcraft Carburetor for 4. I'm new to this site but not new to the Jeep world.

If interested in learning more, shoot me a message at: michael. Re: Motorcraft Carburetor for 4. I am very pleased with the entire package.

The easy to follow instructions and the reams of additional information you sent were awesome. I was truly impressed and I learned a bunch. I would strongly recommend you to anyone needing to replace the old BDL.

Best of luck in your every endeavor. Originally Posted by signguy. Forum related. Replies: 5 Last Post:PM. Replies: 1 Last Post:AM. Replies: 5 Last Post:AM. Motorcraft report! By Tug-n-pull in forum General Chat. Replies: 6 Last Post:AM.

By Jeepenstevo in forum Wrangler and CJ. Replies: 2 Last Post:AM. Join thousands of other Jeep fans as we tackle Wrangler problems and more. You'll be able to meet friends, as well as get help repairing and upgrading your Jeep. All times are GMT The time now is AM. Log in Remember Me? Log in Forgotten Your Password? Don't have an account yet?See all 27 photos. Chances are, if you are into off-road and would consider using a carburetor on your 4x4, you've heard of the Motorcraft or Autolite or two barrel and the Quadrajet four-barrel Carb.

These two carburetors are the go-to carbs for off-road use. Other aftermarket carbs, even those aimed at the off-road market, just don't work like these two do.

Still, carburetors are old and need to be rebuilt occasionally. This article is about rebuilding the Motorcraft or Autolite and carburetors. These two carbs are very similar and are used for several factory applications like many AMC V-8s found in Jeeps and several Ford applications. It is relatively easy to rebuild and is easier to understand than more complex carburetors. Lastly, there are a few tips and tricks we can tell you that will make the Motocraft carburetor operate that much better off road.

Check it out. The easy way to tell a from a is the rear edge of the base of the carb. Supposedly, the s have a rounded rear edge like this. And a will have a flat rear edge of the base of the carburetor, like this. Later s also have an additional pair of throttle-operated metering rods in the venturi cluster that allow the carb to run leaner at lower RPMs, yet supply enough fuel at higher RPMs shown on the right. Some later s will also have an altitude compensator, which is a round attachment to the center of the rear face of the carburetor held in place with three screws.

There is also smallish square opening behind the main butterflies not shown. The Motocraft carburetor we are going to use has a roundish flat rear base like this. We think this is a laterbut the name only matters when it comes time to get parts, and almost every parts kit we've seen for a or a has what we need for this carb and more.

The first step in this how-to is to figure out what carburetor you have. It doesn't matter much for what will work for your application as these carbs are interchangeable. That is, as long as you have the right CFM carb—more on that in a minute. But you need to know what you have to get parts from it. The is the earlier design from before roughlybut many parts will interchange between the two carburetors.

Generally speaking, the is simpler than theas the latter was further engineered to work with the s vehicle emissions changes. The "easy" way to tell the difference is to look at the rear profile of the carburetor base. The tale to tell here is that the earlier carb the has a curved rear base, while the rear base of the is flat and sits a bit farther back.Properly set up for your specific application, jetted to your elevation and modded for your driving style and intended use.

The ones pictured in this auction are all prior kits I have sold through EBay, all installed by very happy customers. It will be media blasted, hot tanked and will look great. If you have an E-Test, buy one of my other kits please, as this one will not be for you. This is one of my least expensive kits, but is also one of my best kits for a stock to slightly modified 4. When installed, you will have 1 vacuum line for your PCV to your intake manifold and one vacuum line for your distributor to the carb.

What am I offering?

jeep 258 motorcraft 2150

Even if you have theor a 1bbl intake, I can set one up special for you. This upgrade will improve idle, response, starting, cold starting, acceleration, power and MPG. This carb will not stutter and cut out like the Carters are known for.

If you can get fuel to it, it will run at almost any angle. I can build you a carb best for wheelin' or for use as a daily driver, OR both. My included instructions are over MB and growing and are full of step-by-step instructions complete with digital pictures that will guide you along the way.

I will assist you in any way that I can for however long it takes you to get it done. I will install the carb for you. Details to be worked out on a case by case basis What is included in the kit? Fresh and ready. Carb will be jetted correctly for your elevation and will have the proper power valve configuration for your ride. It WILL be ready to bolt on. This carb runs CFMsame as my 1.

As you may know, this install requires a difficult to find or make adapter.

Jeep CJ7 with DUI, Offenhauser, Motorcraft 2150 and Flowmaster #2

They are out there, but be careful, they are not all the same. I have given up completely on using the Mr. Gasket and Trans-Dapt adapters. They are pot cast pieces of junk and are usually warped and crack easily. I have designed my own adapter. You will not find a better adapter on the market. I offer a bracket that converts the rear pulling Motorcraft carb to a downward pulling carb.

Your Carter pulls down and my bracket will utilize your existing, factory linkage Easiest to install. I also offer a rear pull linkage that converts your Jeep to a rear-pulling throttle. You pick which one you want, and I will build your setup accordingly. On some late model CJ's that have power brakes large brake booster you will have to use the down pull linkage as well as the brake booster will be in the way.

This is not an issue with YJ's.New Posts. Your donations help keep this valuable resource free and growing. Thank you. Members Profile. Post Reply. Long time amc fan sincenew to the inline 6. I've owned or still own amc,s all v-8 power.

Recently got a 79 spirit with as best as I can tell a 82it has flat belt. I've bought a to fit before I even try to crank it, Last owner was havering trouble with the stock carb. Can't seem to find the correct adapter. Please help! In process of dropping the tank and replacing the fuel line now. Ps any tips on free power or low cost mods? This will be my 16 year old daughters first car. Hope to have it on road by early spring.

I bought the Mr. I bought a rebuilt stock carb and my '79 Spirit runs like a top. And there is a hole in the bottom of teh carb that needs to be epoxied shut if you are going to use an electric choke. The Admiral. I would call them up and check, anyway. I ran one of these, 15 years, no problems. Another option is www. Many people haven't had good luck with the Motorcrafts anyway. Many go back to stock. Jayson Helenske See my webiste!

Cortez Aqua. I just can't let this topic alone because I believe many people need to know more about this current issue, so pardon my long explanation and don't be offended if say things clumsily.

Many people might believe they are preserving their classic cars by letting them sit parked for long periods of time but this is certainly not true when it comes to how bad the fuel system is affected by evaporation; the gas evaporates in the carb and leaves behind a residue laden float bowl interior.

I checked two of my Chiltons and could see no ethanol laced gasoline destruction prone diaphragms in the the '82 or '84 Carter BBD two barrel carbs. These are problems related to the new gas! I'd say fix the Carter BBD. It has non diaphragm vacuum controlled metering rods that also serve power valve function.

The stock BBD vertical cavity piston type accelerator pump should last longer with ethanol laced gas because it's seal also controls evaporation having no pin hole which leads to the fuel bowl. It won't 'wash out' your engine's cylinders with any type of ethanol eaten seal either. The best thing about learning how to rebuild the stock carburetor is that it's already jetted correctly!An Award Winning Business Working for us, you can take pride in the fact that you are part of an award-winning team with a string of industry accolades.

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jeep 258 motorcraft 2150

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Rebuilding the Autolite/Motorcraft 2100/2150 Carburetor

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Motorcraft 2100-2150 to 82 -258 adapter?

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