Reiger suspension

Reiger suspension

Enduro del Verano. Desde Reiger Suspension L. From Reiger Suspension L. Reiger Suspension L. Reiger Suspension.

reiger suspension

The Best Suspension For rally rallyraid rallycross quads motorbikes trial reigersuspension reigersuspensionla reigerpower. Amortiguando la espera Buen fin de semana!!! Estamos Contentos de Recibirlos!! Let's go Nasser Racing!!! Y lo estamos celebrando con nuestras camisas Personalizadas! Estamos seguros de que va a ser igual de grande! And we are celebrating it with our custom made polo shirts! How cool is that!

So proud to achieve such a victory after a partnership for over 20 years. We are sure that is going to be just as great! Thanks for being a part of the Reiger Suspension L.

Share this Page with friends to help more people learn about it. Watch the team take on the most complicated service of the year as the change the car from gravel to tarmac set-up! Congratulations with the great results during the Deutschland Rally!

PET FordPerformance reigersuspension reigersuspensionla. We're preparing for Rajd Polski Rally Poland on Estonia's super-fast roads and our friends at Baltic Broadcasting produced this awesome video. En www. Vanaf vandaag kun je jouw eigen Reiger rallyauto bouwen! Geniet met ons mee in Dirt4! Subaru Rally Team Usa Season !!!Motorsport Sales - for private and trade sellers.

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Reiger Suspension L.A.

Performance Cars. Off Road. For Hire. Motorsport Links. Welcome to Motorsport-Sales. Latest Ads Displaying 1 to 30 of products. Mini Marcos GT. Minilite wheels The gearbox comes complete with casing, bell housing, Abarth Simca Type S Engine. I Sell Bumper for classic cars. Chassis No.


Completely original engine marked '73; just overhauled and complete with exhaust manifold, alternator, flywheel clutch. BMW M3 engine. For sale new M3 S50B32 engine. Not driven, only dyno works. All works performed by EAMV motorsport. Inside installed new parts: Engine bearings, BMW The Novamotors produced a 2.

This was used in the majority of the Formula 3 cars across the Alloy Tail shaft kg Concentric clutchBy toyobaru. On my request they agreed to create a custom set for my GT My wishes were excellent compliance and still having a good comfort. Made to tackle Belgium's famous bad roads. They're also great on Britisch b-roads! Reiger make amazing stuff they make the TMG 86 Rally Car suspension for anyone unfamiliar with them but are you sure it's 3kg front and rear?

That's really soft.

Reiger Suspension

Like really soft! Indeed they've been developed together with the help of TMG which supplied more details on the chassis mounting dimensions.

Yes they're 3kg allround, They take everything what you throw at them. If I would make another set, I would even go softer. Wow, Reiger! Top end suspension. Very, very nice. Amazing on the spring rates being so low, but Reiger know what they are doing.

Bet they give a very comfy ride. Our coilovers have to be firm as they lack travel. Your motons are quite good at the back! I mean you could be right. As you know it's down to the user to set spring rates and damping on higher end stuff. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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Reiger Suspension shocks! Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted October 23, I had the shocks since february but are for sale now as I will change car. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted October 24, Posted January 31, These are focused on having maximum suspension travel to attack your local b-roads! Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.We believe that you can better your best, that you can have more control over your vehicle and that you can communicate even more with your bike.

No more standard damping, but shock absorbers and front forks that perfectly suit your preferences. We give you more traction, more stability, more comfort. We have been innovating every day over the past decades to be able to deliver the best products.

Our shock absorbers are made exactly for the extreme conditions you encounter. We develop and produce everything ourselves. There are several options available. We also default shock absorbers to your properties. Contact us for the possibilities for your damper. We make basic dampers with only compression and rebound adjustments, designed to control your input and output damping.

This way you can find the optimal balance between stability, traction and comfort. In addition, some dampers can be used to mount additional options.

For air suspension, Reiger has developed a new innovation, namely Reiger Spring Insert. DP Double Pistonfor example, provides progressive intake damping, which allows you to drive comfortably without causing the damper to pass. Your damper must be reliable and in all circumstances, quality is maintained.

We developed a thermostat that keeps your damping at all temperatures the same. We therefore see it as a challenge to keep innovating so that there are many great wins. Flawless control, perfect stability and unrivaled traction. That is our standard allowing trial Reiger dampers distinguish itself. Our dampers control your bike like a pro. They are produced with a lot of precision and are very accurately adjustable. Our dampers are always custom made to your goals, wishes and properties.

With this we have already achieved big successes nationally and internationally. We therefore see it as a challenge to keep innovating so that many great wins will follow. We believe that you can better your best, that you can have more control over your vehicle and that you can communicate even more with your sidecar.

No more standard damping, but shock absorbers that perfectly suit your preferences. We are the biggest damper supplier in the sidecar cross.

Not a surprise, because we maintain the highest standards when it comes to quality and reliability. From world champions to classic sidecars, we can make it happen. Dampers are always made to your preferences, characteristics and abilities.

For years and years the world titles are won on Reiger Suspension!A number of provisions in these General Terms and Conditions relate to a natural person not acting in the exercise of a profession or business. The possible non-applicability of a part of a provision in present General Terms and Conditions shall be without prejudice to the applicability of the remaining provisions. In the event of a discrepancy or contradiction between present General Terms and Conditions and a translated version hereof, the Dutch text will prevail.

Present General Terms and Conditions also apply to follow-up orders or part orders and follow-up assignments or part assignments arising from the agreement. If Reiger has already issued present General Terms and Conditions to the counterparty on several occasions, this shall be considered a durable trading relationship.

In that situation, Reiger is not required on each occasion to once again supply the General Terms and Conditions to make them applicable to subsequent agreements. All offers and all quotations from Reiger shall apply during the period specified therein. An offer or quotation in which no period of validity is specified shall be non-binding. In the event of a non-binding offer or a non-binding quotation, Reiger is entitled to withdraw this offer or this quotation at the latest within 2 working days following receipt of the acceptance.

A compiled offer or quotation will not require Reiger to deliver part of an offered performance at an agreed part of the price. The offer, the quotation and the prices will not automatically apply to follow-up orders or part orders. The counterparty may derive no rights from such information. The models and examples issued shall remain the property of Reiger and must be returned to Reiger at the first request, for the account of the counterparty.

Reiger shall be entitled to charge any costs relating to the offer or quotation from the counterparty, on condition Reiger has duly notified the counterparty of these costs, in writing, in advance. If the counterparty does not accept an offer or quotation, at the first request of Reiger, the counterparty is required to return to Reiger all documents issued together with the offer or the quotation.

The agreement shall be established at the moment that Reiger has received by return a copy of the quotation signed by the counterparty, even if this acceptance deviates from the quotation in respect of minor points. However, if the acceptance by the counterparty deviates on fundamental points, the agreement shall only be established if Reiger has agreed to these deviations, in writing.

Reiger shall only be bound by: an assignment or order without prior offer; verbal agreements; additions or alterations to the General Terms and Conditions or the agreement; following written confirmation hereof to the counterparty or as soon as Reiger — without objection by the counterparty — has started implementation of the assignment, order or agreements.

reiger suspension

All agreements shall expressly be entered into by Reiger subject to the suspensive condition that the counterparty is able to demonstrate sufficient creditworthiness, such exclusively at the discretion of Reiger. In this framework, the counterparty is required to allow Reiger, as necessary, to request information concerning the creditworthiness of the counterparty. Assignments from the counterparty must be accompanied by a clear written description of the nature of the assignment.

Alterations to any assignment that has been issued in writing must also be made in writing and accompanied by a clear description of the alterations. Alterations are only binding upon Reiger if confirmed in writing by Reiger. Reiger is not bound by undertakings or agreements entered into with the counterparty by its subordinate employees. In case of doubt, the counterparty must duly contact the management of Reiger.It does this through the use of several components including springs, struts, shocks, control arms, bushings, and a sway bar.

The springs, struts, and shocks serve to absorb bumps and jolts in the road while the control arm and bushings allow the wheels to move up and down. Symptoms of worn or damaged suspension components include erratic steering, uneven or excessive tire wear, poor handling, wandering, leaning, and pulling.

If you experience any of these issues bring your car in as soon as possible. Bent or damaged suspension parts can cause premature damage to other parts of your vehicle. Located on each wheel, they are composed of an oil filled chamber and a piston.

When a car hits a bump in the road, it compresses the shock, forcing oil through tiny openings in the piston. This creates hydraulic pressure, slowing the movement of the shock and subsequently the body of the car.

reiger suspension

Without shock absorbers, a vehicle would continually bounce and stopping distances would increase. Shocks are a normal wear component of any vehicle and you may not notice incremental loss in handling and control. Symptoms of worn shocks include cupping wear on tires, excessive bouncing, swaying, and increased stopping distances. If your car is exhibiting any of these symptoms, come by our service and repair center located in Forrest, IL.

Navigation Toggle navigation. Schedule Service.Reiger Suspension is an independent organization with an international reputation in the development and production of shock absorbers. Our specialty is the development of shock absorbers to be used under extreme conditions in auto- and motorsports. We have our own vision on the features that make each Reiger shock absorber distinctive. Each customer receives a personal consultation to make sure everyone gets exactly what he needs.

We want you to communicate with your vehicle. We provide the best shock absorbers for all classes in auto- and motorsport. Both in terms of quality, reliability and lifespan. Continuous development is one of the greatest strengths of Reiger Suspension. We want to win, want to be the best. Because of that, we always stay ahead of the competition. Every damper is developed, produced and assembled here in our own factory in Hengelo. This makes it possible to be very flexible and produce prototypes sometimes within a day.

40-летие компании Reiger. Поездка компании Ф-МоторСпорт в Голландию .

It is no coincidence that major factory teams choose our dampers. With over 60 employees, we work hard every day to get you the best dampers. Home About us. Who are we Reiger Suspension is an independent organization with an international reputation in the development and production of shock absorbers.

Our products We provide the best shock absorbers for all classes in auto- and motorsport.

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