Screenpad launcher

Screenpad launcher

Forum World Records. Sign In Sign Up. Results 1 to 4 of 4. I was redirected here by Asus Support to post a new thread here for a functionality I think is very usefull. This contained all main functionality for the ScreenPad. Now when I started playing around one of the first functionalities I came across is the Customize Toolbar setting from ScreenPad Toolbar.

This came in very handy. Microsoft Store updated all my apps including ScreenPad Toolbar. With this new version I can't customize my toolbar anymore.

Same issue with screenpad. I have the same issue, and I have been asking to Asus what to do since 1 month ago, but until now no solution. I thought it was something about windows, because I made a clean installation of windows and after that the screenpad and my audio device are not longer working properly. But recently I reinstalled the OEM for this model and did not help.

Do you have some issue with audio too? Some people who are experimenting the screenpad issue also has the audio issue. Have you noticed less sound power? You can checkit by right click on speaker icon and select "sounds" option. If you drag all the way down the screenpad toolbar, you will find there all the apps installed.

You have to press and hold the app you want to appear on toolbar and then drag to the place you want it. If you find some solution please write me. Kind regards, Santy.

screenpad launcher

Hi Santy, Thank you very much for replying! ScreenPad I'm now able to customize my toolbar and it looks good! However, it isn't clear how this functionality works like this haha Do you have a solution for changing the wallpaper on the ScreenPad? Audio I had the same problem with audio. The solution for me was to clean install windows again. I do have a backup of all originally installed drivers. If you're interested I can share these with you?

Kind regards, mowgly. Hi mowgly, Happy your toolbar is ok now. No, until now there is not solution for the wallpaper, or even the screensaver.Does one man need so many screens?

With its task switcher and virtual desktops, Windows 10 has great multitasking tools, but nothing quite replaces seeing everything at once. I spent some time taking a hands-on look at the notebook to find out what the ScreenPad 2. Without its display turned on, the ScreenPad 2. You move your finger across its surface and your mouse cursor moves with it.

Since it has a display underneath that familiar touchpad surface, though, the ScreenPad 2. When the notebook turns on, it shows you a customizable selection of apps that you can launch with one tap on the ScreenPad.

The ScreenPad 2. The Doc Xpert app, for example, lets you use the ScreenPad 2. You can adjust the font size, start a bulleted list, or access a character map. Having easy access to these functions is handy, but what I appreciate most about Doc Xpert is that it lets me spend more time with the ribbon in Word minimized.

And since the ScreenPad is a touchscreen, as well, interacting with anything on the display is easy and intuitive. And that combination opens up a world of possibilities.

With its 5. Its native resolution is xbut to make sure that UI elements are easy to interact with, the display runs at the equivalent of x by default. Users who need that extra resolution can quickly switch to it on the fly. By flicking up with one finger from the bottom of the ScreenPad 2.

There are a number of apps designed for the ScreenPad 2.

screenpad launcher

The Number Key app brings up a numpad, for example, and the Quick Key app lets you create and use macros. One of my favorites is Spotify.

The Spotify player runs on the ScreenPad 2.

The ASUS ScreenPad 2.0 lets the trackpad do so much more

You can launch and display just about any Windows application that you like. A small window will pop up, giving you the option to either display the window on the ScreenPad 2. Since Windows 10 treats the ScreenPad 2. As someone who already drags and drops windows among several extended displays, I felt perfectly natural moving windows onto the ScreenPad 2. Is there something in a Chrome or Firefox tab that you want to keep an eye on? Just drag it down to the secondary display.

Importantly, the ScreenPad 2. Tapping the surface briefly with three fingers dims the display and temporarily activates touchpad mode, allowing you to use the ScreenPad 2.

After you lift your fingers for a moment, the screen brightens and goes back to ScreenPad mode. You can also toggle a constant-touchpad mode with an easy button in the ScreenPad 2. Should you want to shut off the ScreenPad 2.

The display is a natural location for information I want to monitor, like email or my Twitter feed. Nothing breaks productivity quite like a badly-timed interruption.

With a quick glance down at the ScreenPad, I can quickly determine whether a message or notification needs my immediate attention and respond appropriately. This app lets you define a macro up to four keys in length.

Do you communicate regularly with people whose names include special characters, like a vowel with an accent? Quick Key makes it easy and convenient to insert these characters wherever you need them. Sometimes I need to cut out the distractions and focus on one project, but other times I need to feed my brain while I work.

Watching YouTube while you work?The ScreenPad Plus gives users the ability to enjoy the productivity and efficiency benefits of dual-screen computing on a single portable device. With the Music Player app, you can instantly change tracks, adjust the volume and just enjoy the music — all without interrupting your onscreen work.

Watch a YouTube video in the Chrome web browser, with full playback controls at your fingertips in ScreenPad. Launcher is the fastest way to start your favorite apps: simply tap an app icon to close Launcher and launch the app. You can also add and remove apps from Launcher to personalize it. See author's posts. But below furthermore your carefulness will save you and help you to select the right way at the end.

Screenpad 2.0 doesnt work / No App Launcher / MS Store black

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screenpad launcher

Share others to know about this! Rechargeable LED lamp by xiaomi. Teaser of Honor 9X and 9X pro! Also Read. Dual screen laptop by Asus. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.The application is not available to download in the Microsoft Store.

ASUS states they are "working" with Microsoft to get the link live. Microsoft was useless when I contacted them. It's been going on for almost a month now and I'm rather disappointed it's unavailable to install on the device as it's a well advertised feature. Bought the laptop from Best Buy and it came without this application preloaded onto the laptop. The said link in question that shows the application is no longer available.

Perhaps someone from Spotify can get this application up for download as the Screen Pad is awesome and having this available would be great! We've checked with the right teams here, and we're afraid this isn't something we're able to help with from our end. If you have further questions, we'd recommend reaching back out to the good folks at ASUS. Hopefully they'll be able to lend a hand more.

First, make sure that your PC meets all the minimum requirements outlined here. If it already does meet those requirements and you still can't download it, let us know and we'll look into it further. Yes the computer meets the requirements it's a brand new Zenbook Pro with the Screenpad.

Now, at least, Microsoft is listing the application again but it's asking for a redeem code. Would you be able to help me with that?

Then I would be able to download it. Thank you. Could you send us a screenshot so we can see what you're seeing on your end? I have the same problem, they ask us a code. The app is not visible at all in the Microsoft Store. The URL shows the following just like the person above me. ASUS was surprised and said "they'd look into it. Microsoft was literally useless. Now I'm seeing if Spotify can do anything to remedy this. Don't advertise a feature and then have it unavailable at launch.

Every single Screenpad application for the Zenbook is free and readily available to download except this app. Could you try to install the app from this link? There you can find a download for the installer which works for Windows. Still waiting for the app to be available Do you have any news about it?

You must be a registered user to add a comment. If you've already registered, sign in. Otherwise, register and sign in. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Learn more here. We're sorry for any confusion caused!It appears that ASUS has quietly published the apps in the Microsoft Store, and while you can install it on any device with Windows 10 Anniversary Update or newer, but it will fail to launch.

There is a range of apps that can be installed on supported devices to use the ScreenPad. Asus worked with Microsoft to develop compatible apps for its ScreenPad. As noted above, ScreenPad is an innovative feature, and while it sounds more like a gimmick, you can always use it as a traditional trackpad for controlling the mouse cursor.

In simple words, the traditional trackpad has been upgraded to support apps, shortcuts and other information. Windows Latest. Windows 10 update leak reveals exciting new changes. Microsoft delays its Surface Neo with Windows 10X. Windows 10 will help you free up space with recommendations.

Windows 10 ARM project for phones is getting even better. WhatsApp will soon stop working on all Windows Phones. Home Windows 10 PC. Image Courtesy: Asus. Windows 10 latest update is wrecking PCs for some users.

How to use Asus screenpad 2.0 ? Applications explained

Windows Windows 10 update leak reveals exciting new changes Mayank Parmar - April 10, 0. Windows 10 will help you free up space with recommendations April 9, Windows Mobile. Windows 10 ARM project for phones is getting even better January 5, WhatsApp will soon stop working on all Windows Phones December 31, Microsoft quietly extends support for Windows 10 Mobile December 15, For instance, you could launch the Windows 10 Calculator app and enter your digits using the ScreenPad instead of pecking at the number keys on the keyboard.

Another example is YouTube. Once you load the site in Chrome, controls for managing playback appear on the new ScreenPad component. Here are the supporting extensions that have already appeared on the Microsoft Store:. One of the more notable published extensions for ScreenPad is the Launcher. Meanwhile, the Spotify extension is only supported by Spotify Premium. With this touch-based tool, you can quickly control playback with a touch, scroll through music categories, scroll through new releases, manage your library, and more.

What is not exactly clear is how the ScreenPad switches from your typical touchpad input to a touchscreen. Will it continuously render an icon in the corner to open a launchpad for loading apps? Or will laptop owners need to press a dedicated hotkey to activate the launcher? The latter seems more likely given a laptop rendering two displays would drain its battery rather quick.

Based on the publish dates, many extensions for the upcoming ScreenPad component arrived toward the end of We expect to know more about the ScreenPad component during the Computex show next week. PS5 vs. Nintendo Switch 4 days ago. The best outdoor security cameras for April 3, The best cars for April 1, How to take a screenshot on a Windows PC 1 day ago.

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screenpad launcher

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ASUS ZenBook Pro Series - ScreenPad; Get More Apps

Add PM. Hello everyone, i hope you can help me before i need to return my new asus, which i bought last week.

I just see my wallpaper on the screenpad, thats all. I tried 3 days everything to get it work, no chance. Now i am here. Which data do you need to check whats wrong? Posts ZenCredit Points 0 best answer 0. Hello d. Please kindly provide a picture of your screenpad. Thank you. Last edited by d. Then i have Screenpad 1.

This: Can you tell me what should i do? I guess i need to downgrade? Thanks, D. I cant do the things there, that i can do on homescreen 1st display. In Beginning i had screenpad launcher, screenpad toolbar. I could use spotify and so much quick keys. Thank you for help! You need to login first Login Register Now. Reply Post new threads Rate Like Favorites.

Fast reply Top Return to list. Share by pm. How it is looking like now when it turns on. The interface is different in 1. Your model comes with the Screenpad 1. You may refer to below link to understand more about 2. Like Spotify, download "Spotify"not "Spotify for screenpad" Thank you.

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