Search fund pitch deck

Search fund pitch deck

A pitch deck is a presentation you create to raise venture capital from potential investors for your business. It outlines everything from why your business exists, your business model, progress or milestones, the team behind your business as well as a conclusion in the form of a call to action. But in order for your pitch deck to work effectively, you need a professional pitch deck design.

Think of it as the eye-catching packaging for your business idea. Below you will find a plethora of the best pitch deck examples, tips, and pitch deck templates!

I thought it would be fitting to start this article with a company that everyone has probably used, or at least heard about. This Airbnb software pitch deck also happens to be one of our most popular presentation templates! There are a lot of great things about this innovative investor pitch deck, but I want to focus on only one in this example.

In my opinion, only the best pitch decks follow this simple rule on their slides. The best pitch decks tell the real story about your company or brand. You want to not only sell the audience on your product but also how you built that product from the ground up. We have found that people are already very familiar with timelines and know how to read them quickly. Another important part of your story is the people who helped you build the company.

These people are the lifeblood of your brand and what helps it stand out from the competitors. However, I would recommend using only a single slide like they did in this example. You can use a team photo if you want to talk about the whole team. Or highlight the most important individuals, like below:. Explaining how your startup is going to solve a specific problem is a vital part of any slide deck.

11 tips for creating a pitch deck that will get you funded

Without that information, investors and the audience are going to be left with more questions than answers. Make sure that your problem and solutions slides are easy to understand by using a similar layout on both. This will ensure that the audience will be able to quickly recall the main problem you want to solve. Take a look at the slide example above and note how they use almost exactly the same layout.

This visual symmetry will help the audience connect your solution to the problem almost instantly. Even if the slides are separated by a few other points or ideas. Not everyone is going to be able to explain their problem and solution as succinctly as the previous examples.

search fund pitch deck

Some are going have to take a unique approach to get their point across. I think they realized it would be a lot easier to create a killer flow chart that visualizes the problem. Did I mention you can make your own flowcharts with Venngage? As you can see, all they needed was a single visual to explain the core problems that they identified.

Also, I really like how they distilled each of the problems down to a single phrase. That approach, combined with the visuals, will help it stick in investors minds as the best pitch deck. Other times it will be to an auditorium full of csgo plugins people in your industry.Written by Eugene Cheng. Want a heads up when a new story drops? Subscribe here. Yet the quality of your pitch deck can determine whether your business accelerates at breakneck speeds or crashes and burns before it even gets a chance to prove itself on the market.

search fund pitch deck

Many new founders adhere to a specific pitch formula touted by industry gurus and accelerators, but only a few successfully secure funding. So what are they missing? The success of your investor pitch hinges on your performance in a few key areas:. How do you then structure, design and polish your pitch to perfection? The fundraising process involves speaking to members of a venture capital firm at different levels, starting from an associate and leading up to a partner who will approve a term sheet agreement.

We would do well to use this ethos when developing pitch decks for investors. Purple cow pitch decks need to exhibit these three traits to rise above other hungry founders:. Make no mistake, most investors are in it to make a sizeable profit. One funding consideration that most founders forget about is that investors look for different things within pitches during different rounds of funding.

As such, what you include in your pitch deck needs to align closely to what the round might demand. Investors may also have varying capital considerations when choosing to invest at their preferred stage. This impacts who you approach for your specific pitch round and how you might decide to tell your story.

For example, a seed round investor pitch might not emphasize tremendous traction but instead choose to highlight the prior experiences of the team in a specific industry, or really dive deep into how the business model might fare next to regional competitors. These slides are meant to answer key questions that investors need to know to make an informed decision. These concepts sometimes overlap across slides, and you may not need each and every slide as long as these questions are answered:.

Your projected growth should be sizeable enough to garner the interest of VCs looking for an exponential gain. Having clarity on why your product is different and how you can stay ahead of the game is something that differentiates good investment opportunities from great ones. On the other hand, companies heading for a Series A round should show recent milestones or traction gained since the seed round, an updated or new investment thesis along with new developments and forecasted growth to justify another round of funding.There are a few secret weapons that every entrepreneur needs in their arsenal: an amazing business idea, lots and lots of coffee like, a stupid amountand an awesome pitch deck.

Your pitch deck is your key to getting the dollar bills you need to give life to your business. Including the right content can mean the difference between walking out of your meeting a couple hundred thousand or a couple million dollars richer…. Or, in other words, do they typically invest in your type of company? Your message should clearly communicate two things:. The problem. What problem are your customers struggling with? The solution. How does your product or service solve that problem?

How To Create The Perfect Pitch Deck

The way you present your problem and solution is vital when it comes to getting VC dollars. VCs are all about numbers and data.

They need to know everything there is to know about your numbers and financial data so they can determine whether or not your business is a sound investment for them. In other words, the numbers and your analysis serve to demonstrate your in-depth knowledge of your market. This, in turn, corroborates your problem and solution message.

While numbers are without question super important in your startup pitch deck, you also need to build on the story you tell with your data by creating an emotional connection with your audience. You also need to show your passion. Your investors need to to feel how much you believe in your idea.

Because really, the emotion that you need to instill in your investors is FOMO fear of missing out. You want them to sit in that meeting knowing that your idea is so good, they need to invest immediately—before someone else does. Sacca faced a serious case of FOMO when he missed out on early investment opportunities at Dropbox and Airbnb and now considers FOMO one of the most influential tools for landing investors. Remember how we just spent the last five sections advising you to tell a story and include all sorts of information?

We never said convincing people to give you lots of money would be easy! This grabs attention and clarifies the market opportunity, especially if the numbers are good. Use your introduction to hook your audience and grab their attention, and then build their interest to a frenzy point as quickly as possible.

Everyone in the room should grasp a slide the moment they glance at it. The more information you try to fit on a single slide, the less information your audience is going to process.

search fund pitch deck

And it will come back to bite you in the you-know-what. Just make sure anyone you bring has something to do. Design plays just as important of a role in the success of your pitch deck as data or your presentation skills.

Your pitch deck design is what your VCs are going to be looking at while you present, and the right design will actually strengthen your message and get you one step closer to walking out of the door with the funding you need. Good design tells your story in a visual way and adds emotional oomph.

It can also help you connect with your audience by engaging more of their senses. Your pitch deck is the bridge between you and your potential investors, and those ish slides can mean the difference between your business taking off like a Tesla rocket or falling flat on its face.

Use them in conjunction with this blog post to create your own killer pitch deck.You wake up in the morning brainstorming product features, and you fall asleep at night contemplating marketing campaigns.

And stalking VCs on LinkedIn has become a favorite past-time. Passion, hardwork and a healthy amount of obsession are essential ingredients to entrepreneurial success. Regardless, your job is to clearly communicate why a given audience should care about your business. Do you have a pitch deck for a startup that will improve the world? Submit a second video to enter our Pitch for Purpose competitionfor an opportunity to present on-stage at the 4YFN Global Conference.

One of your most powerful tools in achieving this objective is the pitch deck. Early-stage founders can use templates to create visual presentations that provide brief overviews of business value propositions, market opportunities and metrics. At the Founder Institutewe see dozens of decks every week. The majority of them are completely forgettable because someone overlooked a few essential ingredients to storytelling success. The reality? After reading this guide, you will know exactly what it takes to create a compelling deck, give a memorable presentation and stand out from the crowd.

Think back to elementary school: Did your foray into your first language begin with a 1,page copy of War and Peace? No, you started by learning simple words. Instead, begin by constructing the simplest description of your business possible: The Elevator Pitch. As a startup founder, you will meet hundreds of people at various meetings, events and conferences. You will also, routinely, introduce yourself to complete strangers by email. And the best way to do that is a compelling Elevator Pitch.

This one-sentence statement explains what you do, who you serve and why it matters in simple language. As the name implies, the summary can quickly be recited to a stranger on an elevator ride. Use the template below to craft your own: Let's go through each of the items. My company SocialistaIs developing a revolutionary, social utility To help female consumers Find deals online faster. Including these details implies the person has done their homework, knows their stuff and has a viable business idea.

My company SocialistaIs developing an ecommerce website To help female consumers between the ages of Shop for hip, baby products at wholesale pricesWith automated ordering of diapers and other staples.

As you can see, the Elevator Pitch format is deceptively simple. Mastering this exercise is extremely helpful in refining Unique Value Propositions. Here you can add several key details to your Elevator Pitch, including:.This post is going to dive into how to improve your investor pitch, specifically your pitch deck. Even if you are not the next YouTube, you need to be able to clearly and succinctly communicate your vision.

And to do that, you need an amazing investor pitch deck and an incredible pitch deck design. Find your next investor with Crunchbase Pro. To show you the imperative of having not having a bad investor pitch deck, here is a quick look at what you are facing as an entrepreneur. Even if your startup received seed funding, your startup faces a pretty big cliff with the hefty competition.

search fund pitch deck

And the best way to do that? Telling your story with a beautiful investor pitch deck. Timelines are super complicated. Hiding in this crazy Moz timeline is when they raised money and when they started charging for products.

This is an outright terrible slide made up of terrible stock art that plagues our nightmares. What is that splash thing at the bottom?

Scavenger Hunt: What To Look For In A Pitch Deck

Ahh, now a good slide. Airbnb took a complicated concept TAM, the total adjustable market and made it simple and digestible. TLDR: Make sure investors can read the text on your slide without having to whip out their monocle — that easy. Again with the timelines. This could have easily been completed with bullets with touchpoints briefly summarized.

This one is pretty good. So maybe a little wordy, but at least the content is valuable. Reduce words to bullets to give interesting details on why you need the money while explaining why this is relevant to you as an investor. TLDR: Visuals should engage the investor, not confuse and distract them. Visuals need to add to your presentation not deter from it. We just need to get something off our chest real fast.Image via WOCinTech. A great pitch deck gets potential investors excited about your idea and engages them in a conversation about your business, hopefully leading to an investment.

You can skip ahead and just download our free pitch deck templatebut I recommend sticking around and learning why each slide is important. This may sound counterintuitive, but the goal of your pitch deck is not to raise money. Remember, your pitch deck and pitch presentation are probably some of the first things that an investor will see to learn more about your company. And because investments rarely are made after just one meeting, your goal is to spark interest in your company.

You want investors to ask for more after they hear your pitch and not just show you to the door. So, while a solid pitch deck is critical to raising money, the key goal of the deck is to get to the next step—another meeting and a request for more information.

This is a quick one-sentence overview of your business and the value that you provide to your customers. Keep it short and simple. A great way to think about this slide is to imagine it as a short tweet—describe your business in characters in a way your parents would understand. For example, you see many pitches that start with things like:. Your business model has to truly be similar to the company you are referencing.

Use this slide to talk about the problem you are solving and who has the problem. Ideally, try and tell a relatable story when you are defining the problem. The more you can make the problem as real as possible, the more your investors will understand your business and your goals. Use this slide to expand on who your ideal customer is and how many of them there are. What is the total market size and how do you position your company in the market?

If you can find the datainvestors will want to know how much people or businesses currently spend in the market to get a sense of the total market size. This is where you tell the story about the scope and scale of the problem you are solving. Be careful with this slide, though. Instead, investors will want to see that you have a very specific and reachable market.

The more specific you are, the more realistic your pitch will be. Finally, you get to dive into describing your product or service. Describe how customers use your product and how it addresses the problems that you outlined on slide two. This is classic storytelling where you build up the problem and describe how bad it is for lots of people. Now your product or service is coming to the rescue to help solve that problem.

Most entrepreneurs are very focused on their product when instead they need to be focused on their customers and the problems those customers face. If possible, use pictures and stories when you describe your solution. Showing is nearly always better than telling. What do you charge and who pays the bills?

You can also reference the competitive landscape here and discuss how your pricing fits into the larger market. Are you a premium, high-price offering, or a budget offering that undercuts existing solutions on the market? If you already have sales or early adopters using your product, talk about that here.

Investors want to see that you have proven some aspect of your business model as that reduces risk, so any proof you have that validates that your solution works to solve the problem you have identified is extremely powerful. You can also use this slide to talk about your milestones. What major goals have you achieved so far and what are the major next steps you plan on taking?Slide number discrepancies aside, these templates can be useful in that they give you an outline of what to cover in your pitch.

The problem is that this is often all they do. There is rarely any guidance on how to present the content for each slide in a visually compelling way. For each topic in your pitch, we offer multiple ways to present your ideas so that you can pick and choose the visualizations that work best for the story you want to tell. And, finally, this template is built in Beautiful.

This means that each slide in the template is incredibly simple to edit; will adapt its design as you add or update content; and will be beautifully animated—all automatically. The visual aesthetic of your presentation is a reflection of you as a founder, and this template all but guarantees a well-designed deck. There is detailed guidance in the presentation itself, but a few more pointers are included below.

Just include the name of your company and a brief explanation of what you do. This gives the investor insight into you as a founder as well as your personal connection to the market you are entering. The key here is to tune this purpose to your investor, not your customer. Your purpose needs to be both noble and profitable.

What is a Pitch Deck? How To Create An Ideal Pitch Deck?

In other words, it must be incredibly simple to connect the dots from why you exist to the size of the opportunity ahead of you. With a firm grounding in what you do and why you do it, this is your opportunity to dive deeper into the problem you are solving.

In doing so, you want to establish not just the scope of the problem, but the size of it, as well. Is the lack of a solution costing them money? There are obviously a number of ways to answer these questions. However you choose to do it, framing the problem effectively is incredibly important because it is the filter through which your audience is going to judge the rest of your pitch. As you might imagine, it makes a lot of sense to follow up your description of the problem with an overview of your solution to that problem.

We never said this was rocket science. You want to lead with the most compelling answer answer to this question so the VC you are pitching clearly understands what you are doing that is truly unique. From there, you can move through the other two, if need be. For example, if you are growing rapidly, highlight the customer acquisition strategy that accounts for this growth. Be careful here. In many cases—especially at the earliest stages of your company—the traction data you have is preliminary, at best, and possibly even misleading.

For example, you might feature some of your more impressive customers with a logo slide or a representative case study.

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