Toad medicine retreat

Toad medicine retreat

Ibiza is a place where artists and mystics go to be inspired and recharged; a place of real magic and beauty. We chose a bohemian beachfront paradise to allow you to take in all the medicine that nature has to offer, while having space to reset and connect to possibilities in all areas of your life. We will connect to the ancient wisdom of the land in Balearic islands for a group medicine experience that includes sweat lodge, 3 one-on-one sonoran toad medicine sessions, along with onsite massage treatments, detoxifying foods, and daily embodiment practices.


The first day we will start with a sacred cocoa ceremony. The second, third, and fourth day will be dedicated to purification using different techniques to prepare the mind and body for deep transformation, including sweat lodge and 3 sessions of 5-MeO-DMT from the Sonoran Desert Toad.

Each participant will have scheduled sessions with the 5-MeO-DMT throughout the day over 3 days and be given time in between to integrate their experience. Many choose to take advantage of the lush nature, swim in the Balearic Sea, and receive massages. We will take a day trip to explore this bohemian paradise on the last day.

Departure will be after breakfast the following morning. All attendees will receive pre- and post-integration sessions to help integrate the experience. We will stay at a Beautiful, secluded private villa surrounded by nature. The year-old Finca is set in a large olive plantation and surrounded by green mountains.

The retreat will run from midday on arrival day, through to 11am on the final morning. Full payment is due 21 days prior to retreat date. Don't have an account? Sign up. Or connect with Facebook. Already have an account? Log in. Create a new account.

Popular Guide What is an Ayahuasca retreat? Note: This event has already happened. Write a review. Mystery of Ibiza: Toad Medicine Retreat. Tricia Eastman. About This Event Ibiza is a place where artists and mystics go to be inspired and recharged; a place of real magic and beauty.

About the Teacher. Tricia is a pioneer in the psychedelic renaissance with a mission to inspire others to become their own "inner alchemists". Her holistic approach incorporates eastern philosophy, tantra, bio-hacking, herbal medicine, mind body integration, archetypal mapping, meditation, somatic therapy, and shamanism.

For over 15 years she has consulted for top-destination spa and retreat centers on novel treatments and best practices. As an medicine woman operating internationally, she curates medicine retreats in countries where use is legal. As an Iboga provider, Eastman has been initiated into the Mboumba Eyano tradition, trained in the Missoko tradition, and she has facilitated the psychospiritual Iboga program for Crossroads Treatment Center in Mexico.

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toad medicine retreat

Yoga and active outdoor. Jul 6 - 12, 7 days. May 8 - 17, 10 days. Thank you! We're glad you've joined our retreat community.This is 5- day intimate immersion journey, in the vortex of Ibiza, where you will experience an unfolding into the depth of your being, awakening you to the remarkable medicine within.

Join us for an extremely special small group retreat experience incorporating yoga, sound healing, breathwork, cacao ceremony, organic superfood plant-based cuisine, and two sacred Toad medicine Bufo Alvarius 5-MeO-DMT ceremonies, set amongst the pristine and lush nature of a year-old Finca.

You are invited to join this private max. This psychedelic experience is a blessing, one that increases a sense of peace, personal integrity, and a bigger capacity for love and acceptance.

toad medicine retreat

Whole year round 3-day or 5-day retreats in the Netherlands. Click here to check availability and pricing! This way I am able to be your personal coach during your retreat attendance. Skip to content Natasja Pelgrom I Am here supporting the evolution of consciousness. Name required. Email required. Phone Number required. Like this: Like LoadingPlease make sure you work with a trusted organizer! He has successfully assisted thousands of people in recovering from abusive conditions associated with addiction to stimulants and other psychological afflictions such as PTSD and depression.

Otac has the ability to powerfully transform the mental and physical health, deeply enhancing the perceived reality and wellbeing. Correctly aministered Otac carries a message of wisdom and empowerment that directly delivers immense benefit to the recipient. Octavio cured his own drug addiction with the help of Otac and recognised an ancient message in the history of indigenous cultures that is still applicable today. Octavio initially served the Seri people of Sonora as a medic but he quickly developed a relationship of mutual respect.

When he reintroduced the tribe to the forgotten medicine of Bufo Alvarius, the elders and shaman blessed him with the use of their sacred ancient chants. The results of the treatment with the toad medicine have been extremely encouraging since the development of a medicinal neoshamanic fusion that includes the traditional chants of Seri origin.

Since that moment Octavio also carries Yopo medicine as part of his healing service. Yopo is a snuff that is derived from Anadenanthrina peregrine which contains DMT and Banisteriopsis caapi the ayahuasca vine that contains an MOA inhibitor. Together they create an experience that is somewhat simular to ayahuasca. According to the Piaroa shaman this medicine generates a vast awareness concerning current and future environmental, social and personal circumstances.

This expansive state of consciousness is a highly complementary addition to the Otac expererience. Dr Rettig now travels extensively, healing people all over the world with these powerfull medicines. He regularly attends conferences and shares his knowledge with other doctors, scientists, ethnobotanists and other professionals. He is a firm believer in the immense potential that Otac offers humanity.

Anthropologist Peter Furst traces the use of Bufo toad venom all the way back to Neanderthal Man, as far as This causes the toad to excrete its venom. The toad venom is caught on a piece of glass and left to dry into a crystal-type form which can be smoked.

When vaporized by heat and inhaled into the lungs in the form of vapor, this indole-based alkaloid produces an incredibly intense psychedelic experience of a short duration. The venom contains a very peculiar and constant spectrum of biogenic amines. Biosynthesis of the amines is accomplished via a genetically regulated enzyme system.

The metabolic pathway is unique within the Animal Kingdom in that it produces large amounts of 5-methoxy indole derivatives. Next to that the venom of the Bufo Alvarius contains a cocktail of at least 15 or more additional tryptamines that vary per individual toad.

These indigenous people have long prepared mind-altering snuffs from flowers, seeds, bark, and stems of indigenous plants. The presence of this methoxy group greatly increases the lipid solubility of the molecule. Skip to content. Dr Octavio Rettig Dr.

The Seri people Octavio initially served the Seri people of Sonora as a medic but he quickly developed a relationship of mutual respect. The toad medicine Anthropologist Peter Furst traces the use of Bufo toad venom all the way back to Neanderthal Man, as far as Tryptamine cocktail The venom contains a very peculiar and constant spectrum of biogenic amines.

The psychedelic toad 5-MeO-DMT is a extremely potent hallucinogen that is psychoactive at doses of three to five milligrams.The Sonoran Desert toad produces the most powerful psychedelic medicine currently known to humans. It has developed the reputation of the king of medicines to experience ego dissolution and extraordinary states of consciousness beyond the human experience. It is not to be approached lightly, it can often generate intense feelings or fear in early parts of the experience.

As Joe Rogan has said: you often cease to exist in the experience.

Upcoming Retreats

The Toad is a beautiful combination with an Ayahuasca experience, the two medicines work together in a very complimentary way.

It can also be used on its own over the course of a week in a more dedicated format to go deep with the Toad specifically. It is the medicine of choice for those looking to explore far off states of consciousness or tap into profound states of healing. The Sonoran Desert toad Bufo Alvarious is found in northern Mexico and the southwestern United States, where extremes of weather are frequent and the land often appears inhospitable. It has leathery, mottled brown or olive-coloured skin and can grow to millimetres 7.

toad medicine retreat

Despite its enormous size, the Sonoran Desert toad hibernates below the ground for most of the year. In early May, when the rainy season begins. Then, the sound of the rain awakens the toad and it emerges to the surface.

For the next three months, it completes the circle of life: feeding, reproducing, and, for some, death.

Sapo (Bufo, Toad Medicine)

However, from the glands on its head and legs, the toad produces a combination of psychedelic substances: and, for natural healers, there are few more potent medicines. The secretions of the Sonoran Desert toad contain two significant molecules.

The first is 5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine 5-meO-DMTa tryptamine or serotonin-like compound that is structurally similar to psilocybin the active chemical in Psilocybin mushrooms and DMT which is present in ayahuasca. Because the chemicals in Sonoran Desert toad venom resemble serotonin—a neurotransmitter that occurs naturally in humans and many other animals—they are able to interact with the serotonin receptors in our brains. This gives rise to their potent psychedelic effects.

When the secretion is dry, the healer scratches it off the crystal: the medicine itself is a powder that is heated in a special pipe so that it can be inhaled as a vapor. There is no chemical process involved in producing the toad medicine, and no need for any violence against the toad itself. We believe that the medicine must be harvested with kindness and respect. After all, the toad is giving us a great gift. When inhaled as smoke or vapor, the toad medicine has almost immediate effects: within fifteen seconds it causes a strong sense of euphoria, as well as intense visions that last for up to half an hour.

Toad medicine affects our perception of duality: the separation of I and you disappears, delivering us into a pure experience of unified consciousness.

It's not very common for people to share their phone number online. One of my roles here is to talk to anyone interested in learning more about our experiences. Interested in a retreat at another time? The medicine of the Sonoran Desert toad. What is the Sonoran Desert toad? What gives the Sonoran Desert toad medicine its power? Harvesting medicine from the Sonoran Desert toad. Resources to learn more? This little box is a work in progress : but we will include resources here that we have loved: Technical information about 5-meo-DMT from Third Wave A clip from a Joe Rogan podcast where Mike Tyson discusses his love for the Toad.

Want to learn more about Bufo? Copyright Earth Medicine Experience, all rights reserved. Launch discount! The most powerful retreat in Peru.Just working out final details and costs. Level One and Two. Check info below from last years retreat. The facilitators sharing retreat in with Hari was amazing. So much important information was shared. The retreat is in the rainforest one hour from Cancun. There are a number of fresh water cenotes on the property.

It is situated in the Yucatan peninsular surrounded by rainforest and close to Mayan ruins. I will meet you at the airport or hostel in Cancun and drive you to the retreat one hour away. Hari has been working with Bufo Alvarius for over 7 years in Mexico and also runs Sapohuasca retreats. She is often invited to run retreats and ceremonies around the world. Hari is one of the rare practitioners who goes into Toad space with you and works with energy in that dimension to assist you to move and clear blockages, stories and past karma.

This retreat is designed to give facilitators that have already been called to serve the medicine an opportunity to learn from a very experienced practitioner, Hari, and share info and experiences with other practitioners so that many aspects of preparation, ceremony, and integration can be incorporated into their practice.

Hari will guide the initiates in best practice techniques. Hari will have her assistant, Karla, with her, plus myself. There will also be ample opportunities for the other practitioners present to share their experiences and skills. We will be working hard and balancing that out with deep relaxing, grounding and integration techniques.

Participation is by application, so if you are interested please fill out the application form on this link and I will inform you shortly afterwards if you are eligible and how to pay. An introductory Watsu, waterflow session in the cenote will also be offered. Costs have been kept down as low as possible while still being comfortable, well fed and looked after at the retreat and having 2 other experienced people coming and supporting Hari and the people attending.

I know there are some people who have had this medicine who want to become evangelist, get some toad and blow out the world. There are also others who would like the power, glory and the money from serving. This coarse is unlikely for you. This is for someone who has been working extensively with Toad and other plant medicines themselves over a decent period of time, who is dedicated, has studied all they can, worked HARD with the sacrament, worked with a mentor, and has already been serving friends and family quite a bit.

There is also a lot more work and study outside of this week that is necessary, including trauma counselling, integration, fist aid, experiences with this and other sacraments, working with a mentor, etc.

If you feel called to serve yet still feel quite unprepared, it maybe prudent to go to the Costa Rica retreat below first, where you will journey deep with the medicine with out there being a focus on serving. This retreat is likely to be an annual even. I invite you to experience the magic of the Toad the Whales and the Sun in the pristine environment of the south coast of Costa Rica.

I also thought it would be a good opportunity for people who already have experience with this medicine to experience this ceremony in a safe and supportive environment with plenty of time to relax and integrate these powerful experiences in a renewing and peaceful place with good healthy food and surrounded by nature.Known as the former heart of the Inca Empire, the Sacred Valley starts just 10 miles outside of Cusco and extends between the towns of Pisac and Ollantaytambo.

The area is host to incomparable Inca ruins, stunning Andean mountain vistas and charming towns. Rushing through the valley is the Urubamba River, with tributaries in many lakes and gorges. To the north end of the valley is the spectacular Machu Picchu citadel—a must see for visitors to the area that is less than two hours away.

Constructed from organic natural materials and wood, our rooms create a wonderful sense of harmony that extend into nature. A perfectly safe setting for a deeply transformational Ayahuasca retreat. Our Ayahuasca retreat in the serene and mystical Sacred Valley of Peru is considered one of the most energetically powerful places on Earth.

We find that simply being in the presence of the ancient Andean mountains, historical ruins, and crisp air offers wisdom and deep nourishment for the mind, body, and spirit. Experience the sacred healing power of plant medicines, awaken to your inner truth through witnessing and exploring the beautiful natural Andean landscape, and cultivate a sense of mindfulness and appreciation for yourself as part of it all. Experience the beautiful culture of Cusco and the Sacred Valley, the ancient Incan city of Machu Picchu, and the heart medicine of San Pedro with a small and like-minded group of co-travelers.

Integrate your ceremonies with one-on-one and group conversations with our translator and Shamans, experience the natural beauty our jungle has to offer through guided explorations of the surrounding Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, and round out the healing process with yoga classes, sound therapy, floral baths and guided meditations. The serene and mystical Sacred Valley of Peru is considered one of the most energetically powerful places on Earth.

We are passionate about taking care of our environment. In Arkana Sacred Valley we have implemented environmental practices including energy and water conservation measures, waste minimization and recycling, and a permaculture program to help our guests, staff and planet stay healthy and feel well cared for.

The main pillar at our Ayahuasca retreat, is nutrition. All meals are included as part of our retreats and served at [Keenua], our conscious kitchen concept. We only use the freshest ingredients and include different types of super foods. Our menus have been specially designed by Alexa our culinary genius in accordance to the dietary guidelines of the plant medicines we share.

We can accommodate most kind of diets and certainly all food allergies. Our Facilities Step into your own personal haven.

A tranquil safe ayahuasca retreat in the Sacred Valley. Bright and vibrant rooms offer a space for rest amidst breathtaking natural beauty. Book Now Book Now. Book Now. Accommodations 8 Double Rooms 4 Suites. View available retreats View available retreats. View available retreats.Ready to take the next steps into your new life?

toad medicine retreat

Kickstart this year with a powerful and awakening retreat in beautiful Sierra de Gredos, Spain. This retreat has been carefully curated to allow participants to explore new depths in their consciousness and allow deep healing in order to move forward to a new beginning a new life. It is the right retreat for those looking to engage in the sacred sacrament of the "Toad" medicine Bufo Alvarius 5-Meo-Dmtwith a preparatory cleanse of "Sananga" and Hape.

Expect to be pushed out of your comfort zone, only then magic will happen! After years of holding retreats, our guests have referred to our retreats as "Spiritual Bootcamps". Between ceremonies, participants will have free time to read, explore the beautiful natural surroundings and journal.

The food that will be served throughout the retreat is all plant-based to allow for gentle detoxification of the body. We want to feed our bodies light and high vibrational foods to aid help the healing process. The remaining balance total price minus deposit is due upon arrival. Get full details Bianca is a Beautiful Soul with the ability to calm fears in anybody.

The welcome hug I have received from her brought me to tears. During my 3 days with Bianca and Jose, I had wonderful Universe exploration.

I was anxious and nervous before smoking Bufo but I felt very comfortable with these beings. They are very genuine with what they do and I am glad I found their place. I am looking forward to doing it again with them. I had an absolutely loving time and I have learn a lot from them. Love you both and thank you!

So I got online ,found retreat. Bianca and Jose are the owners and Their love and sincerity and sense of humor made me feel like a true brother and part of their family. Bianca with her Yoga instruction ,and Jose with Wim-Hof breathing and the Ice Bath method,they are absolute master teachers and instructors.

Real professionals. The love and excitement about what they do is so obvious and genuine I have always wanted a morning practice and now I have one that I love and do every day with kundalini yoga and Wim-Hof Method. Fun ,friends, delicious healthy food,and also real work,pushing myself especially with the breathwork,thanks to Jose.

They have a personal touch that made me feel so loved and right at home right away.

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