Vintage bianchi road bike models

Vintage bianchi road bike models

The idea is that it cancels out road vibration to reduce muscle fatigue and save energy while improving handling and control. Countervail is exclusive to Bianchi in the cycling industry. You don't get so much fatigue in the arms and upper body. It becomes addictive and so much fun that you actually look forward to stopping so you get to do it over and over again. Read the full review of the Bianchi Specialissima.

The Specialissima is one of the bikes that has been ridden by the LottoNL-Jumbo World Tour team, — to be known as Team Jumbo-Visma in — and nothing raced at that level is ever cheap!

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The Countervail is designed to help you remain in an aero position by cancelling vibration and thereby increasing your control, reducing muscle fatigue, and keeping you comfortable. You'd have to say that the Oltre XR3 does provide a smooth ride by race bike standards. As far as we can tell without taking it to the lab, the Countervail does have a positive influence on the way the bike feels, but don't expect miracles. You're going to get a little less buzz than you'd otherwise get, not a totally different ride experience.

Don't expect the Countervail to do anything to soften the blow if you rattle through a pothole or hit a big bump in the road. It might dissipate vibration but it can't smooth over major irregularities. Bianchi says that although it doesn't match the more expensive XR4 see below in the wind tunnel, the XR3 still puts in an efficient performance no comparative figures have been published.

The Oltre XR3 feels super-stiff when you dish out the watts. There's little flex either through the centre or the front end of the frame. You get the feeling that your effort is getting turned efficiently into forward movement rather than flexing the various parts of the frameset around. It takes you exactly where you want to go no matter how hard you lean the bike into a corner.

The complete 59cm bike we reviewed, built up with a Campagnolo Potenza groupset and Fulcrum Racing 7 LG wheels, was 8. Read our review of the Bianchi Oltre XR3 here.

It is a smooth-riding speed machine that just devours the miles. We had only good things to say when we reviewed it. There's just a bit less flutter than usual coming though to the contact points. You get direct mount brakes, the rear one completely shielded by the wishbone seatstays, and a wedge-type seatpost clamp with the bolt tucked inside the top tube. Bianchi says that all of this reduces drag. One area where the Oltre XR4 really scores is in its frame stiffness. There's virtually no flex through the centre of the bike, even when you get out of the saddle and sprint.

It's a similar story up front where the steering is excellent, giving you the courage to slam the bike hard into corners and jump about in a group of riders knowing that you'll end up exactly where you want to be.

At the time of writing, we have one in for review at road. The seat tube is cutaway around the leading edge of the rear wheel in time honoured aero road bike fashion, and the deeply profiled down tube is cutaway around the front wheel.

vintage bianchi road bike models

The seatstays are slim to reduce drag and the same goes for the fork legs. The fork has a claimed weight of g. The Aria Disc retains all of the good bits of the rim brake version aboveplus an improved braking performance, especially in wet conditions. The Bianchi Aria Disc might not offer quite the spark and dynamism of the higher level Oltres, but it's still a very good bike built with tried and tested aero features.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Bianchi is one of the oldest bicycle brands in the world, manufacturing high-quality performance bikes from as early as the s. Inwhen he was 21 years old, Edoardo Bianchi started manufacturing bikes in his shop in Milan, Italy.

Edoardo had previous experience hand-making medical tools, so he had an acute understanding of how to manufacture precise instruments; a skill that translated into meticulously crafted bicycles.

When one thinks about the golden age of cycling, the images of Fausto Coppi ascending mountain passes on a Celeste bicycle are some of the most iconic. Coppi rode Bianchi Bikes to numerous victories during the s and s era. One of those models was the so called Bianchi Folgore which was subsequently replaced by the Campione del Mondo which made the usage of more modern componentry possible. The bike we present here is technically placed just between those latter models. It is a Bianchi Fulmine.

Its frame is pretty much the same as the one of the Folgore with small changes like the dropouts and rear stays, which allow for a 'modern' rear derailleur. Yet it still shows the Bianchi crank with a single chainring which the Campione del Mondo had already changed for a double chainset.

In the s many owners of the Fulmine tried to tune the bike a little by replacing the original Sport derailleur with a Gran Sport. We did not, of course. The bike has been thoroughly checked and cleaned and is now ready to go for some vintage cycling action. If you are looking for a really cool s bicycle to add to your collection, look no further.

A racing bike with great pedigree. Vintage Bicycles. Bianchi Fulmine Classic Road Bike s. Be the first to review this product. Out of stock. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Manufacturer: Bianchi Size: 58 cm Condition: The bike is in good working condition.

The frame has no cracks, no dents and is not bent. Paintwork and decals are original. All parts are working fine. Era: s Storage: BMB Product ID: Description: Bianchi is one of the oldest bicycle brands in the world, manufacturing high-quality performance bikes from as early as the s. Shipping Fees. Ask a Question. Product-Questions Name. Sign Up for Newsletter. Condition: The bike is in good working condition.Bianchi bikes is a brand that dates back to Founded in Italy, its headquarters and culture has remained rooted in its homeland.

Synonymous with Bianchi is Celeste. In its early days, Bianchi produced motorbikes as well as bicycles — tying up with Fiat and Pirelli to create Autobianchi — but this arm was eventually sold to Fiat, leaving the bike makers free to focus on people-powered machines. The Bianchi range is far reaching, consisting of aero race bikes as well as those with an emphasis on endurance.

In most cases, performance remains a hefty part of the remit; a Bianchi is not typically the first port of call for a commuter looking for a value option. Bianchi first introduced Countervail technology embedded into its Infinito frames.

The material was patented by the Materials Sciences Corporation, and has elsewhere been used in military helicopters to reduce vibration.

Sounds high tech right? In short, Countervail technology is a process of manufacturing that sees a viscolelastic resin used in conjunction with structural carbon. The result is a dampening effect that Bianchi says cancels out 80 per cent of vibration whilst increasing stiffness and strength.

The geometry is designed for pros, and though an oversized head tube and bottom bracket offer ample stiffness, the claimed frame weight is as low as g in a size 55 with black paint and our last review model came in at 6.

The Specialissima bucks current trends, by being disc brake only — but of course this does suit its lightweight credentials. A size 55 frame comes in at g, and the geometry is race inspired and places the rider in a long and low position. You still get the buzz-reducing Countervail, too. How you regard the value proposition of the Oltre XR3 depends on the store you put in the Bianchi marque. Many other brands will offer you a higher spec package at this price.

If the Oltre range is out of reach, then the Aria is the alternative. Like the Oltre, the Aria can be purchased with rim or disc brakes.

For those seeking Bianchi performance with agressive geometry, at a more wallet-friendly price point, the Sempre Pro rounds off the race range. The Infinito CV — available with rim or disc brakes — moves into endurance territory. The Pista Steel uses butted steel and comes with a flip-flop hub, so it can be ridden as a singlespeed as opposed to fixed. The Sei Giorni comes with an aluminium frame, and is designed to be used as a track bike — though both models come initially specced with 48T chairings and 16T rear cogs, which creates a rather small 82in gear that would need to be swapped for the boards.

Home Buyer's Guides. Bianchi Pista Sei Giorni track bike is a bit of a looker. Bianchi Specialissima Bianchi Oltre XR4. Bianchi XR3. Cycling Weekly Live Prices About our deals.

Bianchi Oltre XR. Bianchi Aria Disc. Bianchi Aria Disc Ultegra 55cm.

vintage bianchi road bike models

Bianchi Sempre Pro. Bianchi Infinito CV disc. Bianchi Intenso Disc. Bianchi Via Nirone 7. Bianchi Aquila. Bianchi Pista Steel.It can be either steel or aluminum and can have a little weight, but not too heavy. I once had an older Raleigh around the early 80's that was a pretty good bike, but I'd also like to know what else to look for. Nothing that's gonna break the bank, but a good quality older bike that is on the quicker side and not too slow.

Great, great bike. Reynolds CS frame, stays and fork. In the past 3 decades, I have put roughly 80, miles on the bike. I still ride it on a Sunday road ride several times a month. It is a fantastic machine, flawless and comfortable, and it will always be in my fleet. It has many original components! There are countless other high quality bikes from the 80s and 90s, if you can find one at a semi-reasonable price that was reasonably well cared for.

I am not an expert on all those other makes and models, so I will only mention the one that has provided 3 decades of great service to me. But you should note that a few standards have changed since then and some parts will be harder to find.

Headsets are no longer 1 inch although good ones are still around and 1 inch forks are hard to find especially if you want a carbon one. Rear wheel spacing is up to and older aluminum, carbon, and some steel should not be coldset bent to the new standard.

vintage bianchi road bike models

You can pull them open far enough to get a new wheel in but if they are bent you could compromise the material. Here is a link to a vintage site that will let you find some information on bikes from just about anywhere in the world. Columbus tubing, incredible response and feel while riding. Many a proteam bike from the 80's and 90's were made by Eddy.

Great wow factor whenever I ride mine from bike gear fiends whenever they see mine. You can find them on ebay under vintage bike section. Says it is handmade in England. I think it was made in the late 80's or early 90's. Find a good Serotta, Litespeed or other top Ti bike and don't look back. JMO though. These will have Sugino, Sakae, and Suntour rather than Shimano, which was not a big early player in the components market.

You can still easily find parts if you stay freewheel, or you can open the chainstays on steel frames and use 9 speeds.

I keep mine with lever shifting, but brifters can be installed. Geometry varies from racer to tourer, so do some research. Some are also great candidates to convert to B. Have fun!Italian-manufactured Bianchi bicycles hold a special place in the heart of many a bicyclist or bicycle aficionado. Italy is bicycle mecca, and several famed builders, such as Pinarello and Colnago, share Italian panache with Bianchi.

Italian Bianchi bicycles are quality-built machines proudly manufactured in Italy; however, as do many other cycling manufacturers, Bianchi outsources many entry-level cycle frames from Taiwan.

Bianchi celeste green is nearly as famous as Bianchi bicycles. Bianchi has used this color for several decades, and most high-end quality Bianchi cycles were available or were only offered in this color. Celeste green is a light, but not pale, shade of sea-foam green. Cycling legend Fausto Coppi rode aboard a celeste Bianchi, according to the Bianchi website. Bianchi bicycles were commonly available in high-quality lightweight lugged steel frames; however, Bianchi now designs bicycles using many different metals and tube sets.

Bianchi manufactured racing machines and machines for average cyclists as well, reports the late Sheldon Brown, noted bicycle authority. Lugged bicycles have sculpted metal lugs at the tube joints of the headset, seat and top tube, and bottom bracket areas holding the tubes together. Quality Bianchi bicycles were often equipped with expensive Italian bicycle racing components.

Campagnolo shifters, cranks, derailleurs, brakes, hubs and headsets were installed as original equipment on Bianchi racing machines the past several decades. Many low-end Bianchi cycles are equipped with less costly components from Shimano, a large Japanese bicycle component and fishing reel manufacturer. Many bicycle shops have existed for some time, and most bicycle shops loyally sell the same brand for many years. Bianchi dealers are excellent stores of information about old or classic Bianchi bicycles.

Many dealers keep archives of the catalogs most bicycle manufacturing companies release every year. The information in these books may prove invaluable to a person trying to track down an exact Bianchi model name and year. Several bicycle manufacturers, including Bianchi, use serial number identification and have done so for many years.

Most companies press a series of numbers and letters in the metal surface on the bottom of the bicycle bottom bracket shell. Some bicycles have numbers pressed into the inner surface of one of the rear frame dropouts. Contacting Bianchi with the serial number of the bicycle may allow for model or year identification. Bianchi S.

Jonathan D. A professional bicycle mechanic with more than ten years experience at various Midwestern shops, Septer studied at Kent State University, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in English. By: Jonathan D. Published: 10 July, Size is 54cm which is good for a rider between 5'7"-5'10". This bike has been well-maintained and ready to ride this season! For sale is a vintage mid s Bianchi Twelve Speed Road Bike in excellent very gently used condition.

Vintage bianchi in Bikes For Sale

It is complete and has been carefully stored inside of a Colorado garage for decades. It has its original Bianchi saddle, Christopher toe clips on the pedals, racing style tires, and quick release hubs.

vintage bianchi road bike models

It stands about 33 inches at the top tube, rims are 26 inch in diameter Matrix brand, Shimano. Vintage Bianchi available for a restoration. Needs new tires. Looking for a cruiser-street hybrid.

Trade must be for a quality commutable bike. Needs new tubes and tires and a little TLC to bring her back to life. Was a great bike back in the day with excellent craftsmanship that it is noticeable. Would make for a fun resto project. Vintage Trek Bicycle, 54cm Medium custom rebuild in a fixed gear.

Excellent condition, fully functional, vintage Bianchi Sport SX. I rode this bike for my first 5 triathlons. It's still a great, fast bike. Shimano and Exage Sport components. Original saddle. Text Pete at five. Call Thanks. Size 58cm, Bianchi Road bike, full Campagnolo Avanti components. Recently tuned. It made in Italy. Very smooth and fast. I'm not certain of the exact year, but this is a late 70's Bianchi Nuovo Racing 12 speed with Campagnolo accessories.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Inwhen he was 21 years old, Edoardo Bianchi started manufacturing bikes in his shop in Milan, Italy.

Edoardo had previous experience hand-making medical tools, so he had an acute understanding of how to manufacture precise instruments; a skill that translated into meticulously crafted bicycles. Traditionally, Bianchi bicycles have always been painted in Celeste — a turquoise green with an origin steeped in myth. Some people simply claim it was used due to an availability of cheap, surplus military paint, whereas others mention a story involving the green eyes of a former Italian queen for whom Edoardo built a bicycle.

Bianchi Tipo M - This was the top model in the s; the Tipo M is a lightweight racing bike equipped with the famous "Giro Ruota" gearing, a flip flop hub with freewheel and single cog to be switched manually according to rider's need. Bianchi Saetta - Produced between andthe Bianchi Saetta Italian for thunderbolt was a lightweight, lugged steel frame with particularly refined lugs, iconic Bianchi head-tube with integrated headset and a chain oiler at the seat tube.

Bianchi Folgore - Produced between andthe Bianchi Folgore is inseparably connected with the epic victories of Fausto Coppi at the Milano-Sanremo and the Giro d'Italia. Normally equipped with the iconic Campagnolo Cambio Corsa: a two-lever operated gearing developed by Tullio Campagnolo.

It did not remain in the catalogue for long, however, and by the end of was never made again.

Your complete guide to Bianchi's 2019 road bikes

First released in to celebrate Coppi's World Championship. Bianchi Specialissima - Released inthe Bianchi Specialissima was made to be as light as possible whilst retaining the stiffness required to translate the power of professional cyclists into formidable speed. With a The same model was subsequently used by the legendary Bianchi-Salvarani Team in the s. Bianchi Specialissima X3 - Unmistakably Bianchi for the famous "Celeste paintwork", the Specialissima X3 is a rare model released in the early s and only sold for a short period of time.

The frameset was built with Columbus tubes and differed from other models for a few, refined details: a sloped fork crown, aero-shaped seat stays, "V" shaped brake bridge. Bianchi Specialissima X4 - Probably one of the finest and most beautiful steel racing bicycles ever produced.

Bianchi produced the Specialissima X4 for six years between and — they are impeccably crafted, used only the best components and are very rare. Essentially, the Centenario was developed from the epic Bianchi Specialissima X4 and included special, gunmetal cromovelato paintwork. Click here to read more about Bianchi. Vintage Bicycles. Home Vintage Bicycles Bianchi. Bianchi Specialissima Professionale Road. Bianchi Specialissima Professionale Road Bike 52 cm. Top model. Campagnolo Record.

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