Winx club season 8

Winx club season 8

InIginio Straffithe creator of Winx Clubstated that an eighth season would be written but was not in production yet. Many behind-the-scenes changes were made before the eighth season entered production.

Episode List

Most of the essential crew members from previous seasons were not called back for this season. When asked if she would be continuing in the eighth season, Elisa Rosselli singer for almost every Winx song since stated in an interview, "No, I didn't get a call.

Secondly, Nickelodeon 's American staff members moved to a consultant role for season 8, rather than writing the episodes directly as they had before. This is because the Nick team was busy working with Rainbow and Straffi on a new co-production called Club 57 instead.

For this season, the series was rebooted with a new target audience of preschool children, and the show was moved to the Rai YoYo preschool channel in Italy.

Winx Club - Season 8 - Sky and Diaspro... together!

The characters were restyled visually to appear younger, which would better appeal to the show's new demographic. In a interview, Iginio Straffi explained why he had chosen to gradually lower the show's intended audience over the years:. At the Las Vegas Licensing Expoit was revealed that the season will have new graphics and style guides and furthermore new magic powers and the return of the most popular fairy transformationsButterflixSirenixand Enchantix.

And later, the first two episodes of the season premiered at the International Rome film Festival on October 20, to celebrate the Winx's 15th anniversary. It was later mentioned by Straffi that the season would premiere in Februaryhowever due to the season still currently being under production, it was postponed later into Springwhile the trailer premiered on January 27, On January 28,Rai YoYo showcased a small clip of the season.

During the Nuremberg International Toy Fair, another trailer from the season was being showcased with the latest updates and new scenes included.

During the Russia Licensing World Exhibition on March 12,merchandise of the new season is shown. A trailer was also screened, which appears to be same one from the Brand Licensing Europe Afterward on March 20,it is mentioned that second part of the eighth season is scheduled to be premiered in Autumn On March 25,a promo of the eighth season released by Rai YoYo mentioned the season will premiere soon on the stated channel. On the next day, Rai YoYo revealed that the eighth season would officially premiere on April 15, from Sunday to Friday at 8.

winx club season 8

On April 6,the episode titles from the second half of the season was revealed. At the same day, the one-hundred and eighty first issue of the Winx Club Comic Series reveals that the season is going to premiere every day starting April 15, at pm and pm on Rai YoYo. On July 19,the first look of the redesigned Enchantix was revealed on the Winx Club's Instagram account and later its transformation sequences was released onto the official channel.

On the same day, Rai YoYo announced that the second half would premiere on July 29, at 6. Later on July 23,during the Rainbow Day event, the fourteenth and fifteenth episode of the season premiered at the Giffoni Film Festival. After the nineteenth episode, the series went into another hiatus until on September 11,where the broadcast resumed on Rai YoYo with the twentieth episode.

The season finale premiered on September 17,thus concluding the season overall in Italy. But a little creature called Twinkly reaches them after a long journey, bringing an urgent message: they are the only ones who can save the stars!

Following their little new friend, the Winx will set off on a cosmic adventure guided by the Lumens, creatures that generate magic stardust. Thanks to them, the six fairies will get a new amazing light-based transformation to fight against unpredictably mysterious threats that are endangering the Magic Universe.

And it seems that Valtor's return is hidden behind this terrible threat. In Winx Club Season 8, the fairies of Alfea will travel to a new planet called Lumenia, where the queen will entrust them with the power of Cosmix, to protect the stars of the Magic Universe.

With them, there will also be a lovely new friend, a Lumen a magical star-shaped creature from this planet. In addition to Cosmix, it seems that in the new series, some catchphrases from the previous seasons will return, including a new version of Sirenix and Enchantix. And of course, as we have already said, there will be the great return of one of the historical enemies that Bloom and her companions have already defeated in the past, or the evil Valtor.All the stars of the sky are mysteriously going out one by one, gradually throwing the various worlds of the Magic Universe into complete darkness.

And it seems that the return of the dark sorcerer Valtor, whom Bloom had supposedly defeated by extinguishing his Dragon Fire essence with her orange fairy dustis hidden behind this terrible threat.

The six Guardian Fairies of Alfea, along with frequent aid from their good friends Princess Roxy of Tir Nan Og, and Crown Princess Daphne of Domino ,will travel to a new world called Lumenia, where Queen Doranna bestows upon them with the immeasurable power of Cosmix, to protect the billions of stars of the Magic Universe. With them, there will also be a lovely new friend, a Lumen, which are magical star-shaped creatures of pure starlight.

In addition to Cosmix, it seems that some catchphrases from the previous seven seasons will return, including new and greater versions of Sirenix for Daphne, Nymph of Sirenix, and Enchantix for Roxy, Fairy of Animals. And there will be the great return of one of the historical enemies that Princess Bloom and her seven companions have already defeated in the past: the evil Valtor, one who has had a connection to Princess Bloom and her home world Domino.

winx club season 8

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Season 8. Cosmix ' Old Enchantix Crystal Sirenix. Contents [ show ].

Categories :. Air Date. April Season 7. Season 9.Cosmix is the power of the cosmos and originates from light. In Season 8the Winx find their Butterflix powers to be ineffective against the Staryummies and their holes.

They then acquire this form from Queen Dorana in order fight against Obscurum and the Staryummies. The outfit consists of a sparkly short dress, a pair of fingerless gloves, a pair of leggings and Chelsea boots. The lower part of the dress is covered by several layers of translucent fabrics and a floating net-like material that resembles a crinoline on top.

The hair is often tied in high ponytail and decorated with accessories that involved star in the design. There are highlight streaks on the hair and all streaks receive sparkly, starry make-up. The wings are bright, colorful, sparkly and starry, they stay in a complex shape made of several joint crescents. In order to earn Cosmix, a fairy must receive the Cosmix power granted by the Queen of Lumenia. Cosmix allows the Winx to give back light to all the dying stars cores.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Winx Club Forever. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. This article has been completed. Only edit it if you think it can be improved.TV Schedule. Sign In. Winx Club —. S8, Ep1.

Error: please try again. The Winx travel through all the galaxies of the Magical Universe until they arrive in Lumenia, the most brilliant of all stars.

A great mystery involving an old acquaintance of the Winx is endangering the brightness of all the stars. A new magic will help the Winx figure out who's behind it.

S8, Ep2. With the help of twinkly, the winx enter lumenia where they must find out why the river of yellow colour don't reach the castle. The winx also earns a new power named cosmix. S8, Ep3. Staryummies lead by obscurum attack the core of lumenia, the winx tried using their new powers but fail to save the light of the core. Can the winx restore the light of the core.

S8, Ep4.

Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot. S8, Ep5.

winx club season 8

S8, Ep6. S8, Ep7. As told by orion, the winx enter prometia, orion's home planet but is trapped in a monstorous machine made by orion. Flora and Styella must free their friends as they are the only one who is not trapped. S8, Ep8. S8, Ep9. S8, Ep Valtor want to accumulate the power of the wishing star, to do so he need a power like that of cosmix so he plan to take bloom's cosmix. He stole the light of the sun which lights the earth. When the winx tried to save the light of the sun Valtor appeared and took bloom inside a black hole.

He reveal the secret of obscurum. In lumenia the queen succed in bringing the good side in obscurum which really was his brother orgen. Valtor persuade bloom to give up he cosmix or lose her friends and family forever. At the end bloom gave up her cosmix which Valtor tried to Winx are watching shooting stars. Something falls in forest. Its lumen named Twinkly. Lumens do not tipically leave their stars. She has something important, but fear is blocking her memories.

After attack from staryummies she remembers.It is set in a magical universe that is inhabited by fairies, witches, and other mythical creatures.

The show follows a fairy warrior named Bloom as she enrolls at Alfea College to train and hone her skills. The series uses a serial format that has an ongoing storyline, with individual story arcs comprising each season. It premiered on 28 Januarybecoming a ratings success in Italy and on Nickelodeon networks internationally.

Iginio Straffi initially outlined the show's plot to last three seasons. He chose to continue the story for a fourth season in Around this time, Winx Club ' s popularity attracted the attention of the American media company Viacomowner of Nickelodeon. Production on the fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons was divided between Rainbow and Nickelodeon Animation Studio. Beginning inepisodes of Winx Club have been jointly written with Nickelodeon's American team.

Episode List

Nickelodeon's writers aim to make the series multicultural and appealing toward viewers from different countries. InStraffi commented on his near-decade of collaboration with Nickelodeon, saying that "the know-how of Rainbow and the know-how of Nickelodeon are very complementary; the sensibilities of the Americans, with our European touch.

The series was subject to budget cuts induring its seventh season. The 3D computer-generated segments and Hollywood voice actors were deemed too costly to keep using. The seventh season eventually premiered on Nickelodeon's worldwide channels in After a four-year hiatus, an eighth season premiered in At Straffi's decision, this season was retooled for a preschool target audience. Most of the show's longtime crew members were not called back to work on season 8, and Nickelodeon's team moved to a consultant role.

Straffi stepped away from the series at this time, shifting his focus to live-action projects. The series follows the adventures of a group of girls known as the Winx, students and later graduates at the Alfea College for Fairies, who turn into fairies to fight villains. The team consists of Bloomthe red-haired leader with flame-based powers; Stellathe fairy of the Sun; Florathe fairy of nature; Tecnathe fairy of technology; Musathe fairy of music; and Aishathe fairy of waves. Unlike their female counterparts, the Specialists do not have magical powers and instead train how to fight using laser weapons.

The Winx and Specialists' most frequent adversaries are a trio of witches named the Trix: IcyDarcyand Stormyall of whom are former students of the Cloud Tower school. Winx Club is set in a vast universe that has several dimensions. Most episodes take place in the Magic Dimension, which is closed off to ordinary people and inhabited by creatures from European mythology like fairies, witches, and monsters. The capital of this world is the city of Magix—which is located on the planet of the same name—where the three main magic schools are situated.

The concept of fairy magic in the series is presented in the form of magical transformations, that fairies receive by performing certain actions.The eighth season of the animated television series Winx Club aired from 15 April to 17 Septemberconsisting of 26 episodes. Beginning with this season, the series was heavily retooled to appeal to a younger target audience. He shifted his concentration to other work with Nickelodeon, including Club 57as well as a live-action adaptation of Winx Club aimed at an older audience.

InStraffi explained his reasoning for gradually lowering the series' intended demographic:. The Winx Club notices that some of the stars in the sky are disappearing. They determine that the return of Valtor is linked to this strange occurrence. The fairies travel to Lumenia, the Magic Dimension's brightest star and the light source for Stella's home planet of Solaria.

Lumenia's queen gives them the power of Cosmix to protect the magical universe's billions of stars. Along the way, the Winx also meet Twinkly; a helpful golden creature who powers the very core of Lumenia. The Winx find that the only way to sneak into Valtor's palace and recapture the primary stars is to disguise themselves as the Trix.

In the ultimate battle of the cosmos, Icy works with the Winx; she gives one of the primary stars to Bloom and they all successfully recover the billions of stars and the Wishing Star itself. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Winx Club season 8 Promotional poster. See also: List of Winx Club episodes. Retrieved 22 April Rai in Italian. Rai Yoyo ReplayTv in Italian. Event occurs at 0m40s.

Although the web site shows "La stella dei desideri ", the actual episode title is "La notte delle stelle ". Event occurs at 1 minute in. Although the web title lists "Nel regno delle lumen", the actual episode title is "Il regno delle lumen".

Retrieved 27 April Although the web title lists "Popostar! Although the web title lists "La ragazza che guardava l'infinito", the actual episode title is "PopStar! Although the web title lists "Il tesoro di Orion", the actual episode title is "Il segreto di Orion".

Rai Play in Italian. Although the web site lists "Le guardiane dell'arcobaleno", the actual episode title is "Trappola su Prometia". Although the web site lists "Lo spettacolo deve continuare", the actual episode title is "Negli abissi di Andros".

Although the web site lists "La musica delle stelle", the actual episode title is " Il Potere Dell'Idra". No episode title was listed on the website, but the actual episode title in the video is "Il Tesoro Magico Di Syderia". Rai Yoyo in Italian.

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winx club season 8

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